Transparent High Performance Power Link

Anyone using this cable? What do you guys think of it. Also, has anyone compared this to the next level up, which I believe is the Premium Power Link with the network box?
Absolute sound reviewed it a year or two ago, something like one of the best budget power cords out there. I see you use other transparent cabling...typically stepping up in transparent get's you lower noise, better dynamics, etc. and it's usually not subtle, so I expect it would apply here on these 2 cords you're asking about.

Where do you plan on using this cable in your system?
I find that power cords are not like interconnects and speaker cables, at all, when it comes to system matching. With power cords, you have no idea what you are going to get until you try it. Results are not at all consistent. Cable Company ( has a lending library of cables and components they send out so you can try before you buy. I've been using them for many years and can tell you from experience that your risk of making a bad purchase drops to almost 0. Wouldn't do it any other way; especially when it comes to power products.
I am using Transparent on my whole system except a PS PC to my PPP. I forget the model but it is the next to the top one [ $1000 list] or use to be the next. I bought factory refurbished ones from Paragon. They were in excellent shape and saved me a considerable amount of money.
I use the premium powerlink throughout and each was a noticeable difference from the previous pc's. Improvements were in slam, dynamics, and clarity, primarily.
I recently changed out my PS Statement PC to my PPP for a Transparent Super MM1 and it made a big difference. Smoother and bigger, with more separation of instruments. Granted my PS cord was not as recent or high a model as Stanwal's, but you (Stanwal) might just want to try a Transparent on the PPP.

I have a Transparent PLMM2 on my amp which made a HUGE difference. A lot more difference than the Super did, so I would expect that moving up the line would be better, but you need to figure out whether the cost is worth it to you.
So, a few years later...I did end up putting Premium Power Links on both my Bryston headphone amplifier and Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC and it made a huge improvement. There is a lot more slam and punch but at the same time everything sounds smoother and less edgy. Much more organic and natural sounding. I can listen even louder than before with less fatigue. The bass is much improved. This was a BIG step up from the stock cords and I would say it was on par with changing a component.
Transparent PC's make a huge difference on both amps and sources....they are like equipment upgrades.
I originally tried Transparent Premium Power link power cords and did not like what it did in my system to the presentation. The soundstage changed and became less focused and lost width. This was the last piece of the puzzle as I have replaced all other audio cabling with Transparent Super Gen5. I replaced the PPL with the Reference power link and everything returned prior to switching power cords. They are serious when stating as you move up in build quality the changes are noticed. I cannot believe how quiet my system is now. I'm able to hear details and cues from voices I didn't before.