Transparent Equalizers

Just acquired an old ADC equalizer from a friend to play around with. It added some distortion and removed some transparency but overall I liked having it in my system, mainly for the flexibility in boosting certain frequencies to compensate for crappy redbook. So now I am on the hunt for a better quality EQ. I am looking at the various Audio Control and Rane units that sell used in the $200-300 range. Any thoughts on the relative merits of these brands, or others worth considering? One thing I noticed about the Rane is that they only have 1/4-in phono and XLR inputs so I would have to get some adaptors for my RCA cables.

Thanks, Jeff
you name an eq & ive tried it & the best eq i have had in my rigs has been the dbx 20/20.

I acquired an ADC SoundShaper II 12-band EQ from a thrift store. The unit works (mostly) with an intermittent left-channel dropout. I currently have a Soundcraftsman 2024A 10-band eq (original owner) that works great. I am debating spending the money to refurb the ADC and having both units in my system.

Does anyone have any feedback on ADC in general and EQ specifically? Thanks!

10/5 10/20 20/20 DBX. I wish I'd never sold the 14/10. There's a 10/20 on the bay and a 20/20 $1900.00 go figure, but the 14/10 still beats them.