Transparent digital vs. Anaconda digital

Does anyone out there have experience with the Transparent Reference XL digital cable and/or the Shunyata Anaconda digital cable? Comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Do you know the difference in properties between these two?

I am aware of the specs. But what I an interested in knowing is what people are hearing.
I have the Transparent Ref XL, clock bnc to bnc and AES cables (trans to dac).

Both offer much improved performance off my prior digital the point felt like I got a new DAC....
Audio is all about a personal preference.

The Transarent gives a more intimate stage compared to the Shunyata.

Kindly explain "intimate stage". Do you mean closed in?
Shunyata makes instruments and voices bigger. This is one of the things I hate most. Why? Because instruments and voices are rather small in proportion in real.

Transparent gives a more realistic image. That is why it is more intimate. When I let people hear between an intimate stage and a stage which is rather big. People prefer a more intimate stage. This is a very important part for the emotion music can give.

Thank you for explaining this.

While looking through threads I discovered these comments by Guidocorona about Shunyata Zitron Anaconda cables. Do you have any comments?

I just found these observations from Oddeophile. Do you have any comments?

I note your earlier comments on the Python Zitron digital. Are you now using the Anaconda? If so, would you care to comment on these two digital cables?
Simple questions ( from my personal perspective) are not that simple for many people who work in this business.

I have often asked to different distributers of they can describe the properties of the stuff they sell. Same about the people who work for brands in audio. A simple question; do you know the difference in properties of your products against the main competitors. Often they don't know. Same answers you get when I ask them if they know the differences when they use other cables of speakers.

Most people in audio do not focus on different properties of all the different parts. This is for me the key to get the best endresult.

Audio is all about properties. This makes you understand things better. So you can use them a lot more precise!
Many people don't know and are not aware of what an intimate image is. Even for free I would not want to use Shunyata cables in my set. They would screw everything.

A small and intimate image makes music a lot more emotional. When I am at a show and people their heads are extreme big.You are all mine. And I will ask you questions about how big you think a voice should be? In above 95% you get the answer: I don't know. Even when I ask the simple question: Do you think the image of your demo is realistic? They do not say yes.

Then I think; what the F....are you doing here! All these demos make audio not convincing. This is a big problem. In the last months some shop owners and I had chats about this issue.

The level of good demos at shows is getting difficult to find these days. There are much more average or even worse.

I see this as bad advertising for audio in general. It is caused by the lack in insight and knowledge about audio!

My point is that your observation about "Shunyata" producing big images may not be universally shared. It seems others differ from you on this point. Could it be that there is something else in your system that is causing this to happen? I put Shunyata in quotes in my first sentence because you seem to be referring to all Shunyata products, or to several Shunyata products used together.
Every single brand in cables have their own properties. These you Always will hear back. But many people are not aware how big an instrument or voice should be. I asked this question many times to people who give a demo.

When you don't know, you never will focus on this part.

Purist Audio is beside a more intimate stage superior in blacks and physical image compared to Shunyata. Transparent also have a more intimate stage. They also do not achieve the same level what Purist Audio can reach.

My focus is only on the best products. Everything what it less convincing I don't care anymore.

Thanks for your reply. I understand about properties, of course. But do you mean that everyone who enjoys Shunyata cables "are not aware how big an instrument or voice should be"? I was in touch yesterday with someone from the Audiogon forum whom we all know well and who has been around high end audio for decades. He totally contradicted what you are saying here about Shunyata cables. He has a full loom of Shunyata and prefers them over all other cables he has ever owned. So, what you are saying perplexes me. What you are saying is categorical and leaves no door open to other opinions.
Often at shows when Shunyata is used the image is too big. I go to shows with people who are also know in this world. We have the same thoughts.

Shunyata does not use silver, only copper. I can create things what with copper is not possible. I have proven this when clients had also expensive copper cables from other brands.

Audio is all about comparing. When you can achieve more details and a better separation than other competitors you will win. I love competition in audio a lot.

I use those products what give me a better endresult. This I can let people hear. When we go back to those other cables is it clear that there are less details and separation is less obvious.

I like things to be clear en easy to understand. During listening first I don't say anything. But later I explain things to make it more easy to understand. Then we listen again.

I love a full 3 dimensional stage with stunning blacks and separation. This makes listening to music very addictive.

With class A amps I have a lot of colours I want and need for a realistic sound. This I also use to the max.

Thanks for your reply. I note your use of the word "often" to qualify your observations.

Frankly, IMO, trying to listen to cables at shows where the systems are unfamiliar and the settings are often noisy may not be the best way to audition cables -- and to determine if the cables may be the cause of the out-sizing you are observing, or others "problems". Systems can be complex. There may be a number of reasons for what you are observing. I prefer to listen at home with a system I am familiar with -- and take the time in a quiet setting to isolate audio "problems". It is not normally possible to isolate these "problems" at shows, in my experience, because you are usually not free to experiment with cables and components at these venues. The result is that one is often left conjecturing about these problems -- and speculating about the possible causes.
At a few shops we had the same thoughts. Also at the distributer We heard the same kind of image we don't like.

I would suggest lend some Purist Audio Limited Edition and compare them. Then you know......

I have just inserted a Shunyata Python CX power cord and a Shunyata Zitron Anaconda digital cable. Images of instruments and vocals are the same as before insertion -- in proportion to the rest of the sound stage. No change.
It Always depends with which cable you compare it.

Because all different brands have their own properties in sound and in stage.

I recently did a comparison between a Shunyata powercable and conditioner. The KE powersource was superior to the AV of Shunyata.

Same about the Purist Audio powercable.

I am comparing them to David Elrod cables.
Many American cable brands have the property to make
instruments and voices bigger than they are in real.

It is even called overhere; american sound. In Europe we
prefer a more intimate and realistic image.

"American sound"? I have never heard such nonsense before. life on the other side of the ocean.

When we hear a stage with big heads we always say: American sound.

I sold NBS in the past, makes eveything huge. I spoke the person who was the distributer of NBS. He said; they like to make things bigger!!

You just went AWOL here. Is there any wonder no one else is chiming in anymore -- except dumb old me?

In the wake of your sagacity may this thread rest in peace.