Transparent cables with Thiel speakers

My current system is:
Bryston BCD-1
Bryston BP26
Bryston 7B SST2
Thiel 3.7
Interconect from CDP to pre amp: Cardas Golden Reference
Interconnect from pre to power amp: Cards Neutral Reference
Speaker Cable: Cardas Neutral Reference
I want to upgrade the CDP to Pre amp interconnect and speaker cables to Transparent Reference. If you have ever used Transparent Reference cables with Thiel speakers. Can you please share your experience here. Thank you in advance.
i haven't heard them with Thiel speakers but with Wilson speakers they sound very very good.
The midrange becomes clearer & the high's more refine.
Bass is also tighter.
BUT I read Cardas works very well with Wilson speakers too, so both will probably sound great but different flavor.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
I have heard 3.7's with Ayre digital, Levinson amplication and Transparant reference wiring throughout - I spent an afternoon evaluating and the system sounded outstanding. Can't compare to other cables because nothing was switched out during the demo, but I wouldn't have wanted to...
I have been using Audience AU 24 "e" cables and interconnects with my Thiel CS 3.6's, and the Audience cables are truly outstanding. Lows are deep and distinct and the high frequency is extremely smooth with no hint of straining.
I have heard Transparent with Wilsons and Ayre electronics at a dealer - in context with the system everything sounded great.
The problem I have with Transparent is the cost/value.
Another dealer in my area told me that they had went to a clients house who had close to a 100K system - Wilson speakers - not sure of the electronics but they were wired entirely with Transparent Reference (not the Opus). They were installing something unrelated to two channel audio (think it was HT processor or something like that) and were listening to the setup. They said they were surprised by the performance and with the agreement of the owner isntalled all Synergistic Apex cabling (about 2/3 the cost of the Transparent loom). According to them the change in sonics floored the owner - the result was that it sounded like the Tranparent was choking the system and the Synergistic opened the soundstage right up.
Again this is second hand and maybe it was just that systems synergy - but I have no reason to doubt them.
I also have Audience Au24 ( I cannot afford the Synergistic) and have upgraded one interconnect to "e" status and can say it was more then a subtle upgrade. Before spending high $$ I would definitely recommend trying Audience and Synergistic Accellerator or Apex if you are in the market - it may save you some $$. But if you are prepared to drop that much $$ (like Transparent) on a cable loom - there are some other top contenders like Nordost and MIT.
I compared Transparent Audio cables to several others at home in the following system: Wilson Audio Sophia IIIs, Densen B350 mono-amps, B250 preamp, Rega Apollo as source. Based on my observations I just don't understand why so many Wilson owners swear by Transparent, in the context of my system it wasn't close and I agree with Lougiants comments, because I had the same experience!
Yes they work very well, especially the mm2 version
12-14-10: Ricred1
I just don't understand why so many Wilson owners swear by Transparent, in the context of my system it wasn't close and I agree with Lougiants comments, because I had the same experience!

One reason I can think of...the internal wiring, puppy tails for Wilson W/P's use transparent wiring. That said, I bought a pair of Siltech LS-180 used (about 1/2 price of new) They are a fabulous match in my system.
Before spending big bucks on speaker cables, I strongly suggest contacting Alpha-Core for a free trial of their MI 3 speaker cables. FWIW, Jim Thiel recommended them, and Alpha-Core uses Thiel speakers.
I have an all Ayre system and there was nothing worse than Ayre for MY system. Again...cables are soooo system dependant I am only reporting on MY system.
It is my opinion that they are distracted by the size of the soundstage that MIT and Transparent makes. I thought the same way until I tried Goertz, Audio Quest, Straightwire, Dynamic Design, JPS, Morrow and the cable that I own now, Clarity Cable, that has beat every cable I have tried by a large margion. Clarity Cables allows you to listen deep within the soundstage and produces lifelike images that fill the room with toe-tapping sound. All of the brand mentioned above and many others are thin and one dimensional in comparison. This is a cable wonderful cable that doesn't get a lot of press but I can tell you, it won't disappoint.

This cable gets much better when placed on a cable cooker!
I wanted to resuscitate his thread and inquire about those who moved up to the Transparent Gen5 cables/power cords? Effect with Thiel Audio loudspeakers?

Happy Listening!