transparent cables

With Transparent Cable releasing the series 5 cables. It has made the mm2 more affordable for some of us. What i would like to know is it worth it to go from Reference level mm2 to Reference XL mm2? Or would it be better to wait until i can jump to the series 5. How big is the change from Reference mm2 to Reference XL mm2 one level up.
Thanks Pete
hello 68Pete-

Transparent lover here. While, I have not had the listening pleasure of the newest Gen 5 series, I have had many sessions w/ the Reference, Ref XL, and OPUS lines.

Honestly, there is not any difference between the Reference and Ref XL. Things get very sweet between the REF and OPUS.
I suggest to anyone, if you are in the market for this level of performance, buy the OPUS and never consider another update/upgrade. Keep me posted & Happy Listening! JA

Another Transparent lover here. I think you'll hear a difference between Ref and Ref XL. Little lower noise floor, better bass, better resolution. But I'd agree with JAfant's point in the end...on Transparent 2 levels up or more are really special.

If you can somehow get to Opus MM2 (used) even just one'll be blown away. I'd start with the source to pre cable first...Or Ref XL Gen another path...
I have the Ultra Gen 5 speaker cables which offer superior sound to Ultra MM2. To get the best performance I would get the level that allows you to afford IC's, speaker cables and power cord(s). Get their $495 duplex power conditioner if you can as well. Your system will be transformed.
Thanks for the advice, slowly climbing the transparent line. Using Reference mm2 now and going to try Ref XL mm2 just from the source for now. Yes I like Transparent to but it gets pricey after mm2, and having to recalibrate the cable when you make a component change is a extra cost.
That you move higher what really makes these cables special...I know it's a pain to send back...sonically however no regrets
Thank you all for your imput
Hopefully this thread is still somewhat alive. I just demo'd a musiclink plus tonearm cable and compared it with a synergistic tricon and a kimber tak-h. Quite a difference. I the transparent is way more musical and rich, but the SR and Kimber provide more speed and air. I'm just guessing that as you move up the transparent line, the music opens up more, images better, while retaining that much more rich musical presentation. Can any of you Transparent aficionados one confirm this?

Also, unfortunately CableCo does not offer Transparent, so no demos to be had there. So, I'm wondering, what other mfg comes close to the Transparent music presentation?
Yes, Poon-

I can confirm that as one moves up the Transparent chain, you will be rewarded. Things go beyond all expectations w/ the OPUS cabling. It will cost you for sure, most important, you will never have any need to change out cabling!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!