Transparent Cable Upgrade?

I own Transparent Music lInk Plus through out the system. I am considering upgrading to the Reference line. Worth the cost? Your experience?

Next, I have Nordost Frey phono cable. The only non Transparent cable. I chose this cable with my VPI classic since the TT manufactures its table with Nordost Vahlia cable. Wondering if I should sell the Frey and look at Transparent to keep the system uniformed. I find Nordost a bit bright.

Finally, perhaps not the forum to post, but considering converting the TT from RCA to Balanced. Worth it?

Thank you
I went from the ultra xl speaker cable to the reference mm2 speaker cable and loved it was worth the money. The reference mm2 balance inter. cable was a little disappointing. It was a improvement not as big as the speaker cable was. Had a interconnect cable that was about one fifth the cost and it only slightly better.
Good luck
Each Transparent upgrade really delivers a improvement. If you could go up 2 levels, it's like getting new components. The Ultra is pretty special if you can afford it.

Cables are very system dependent, if you find the Nordost a bit light, the Transparent should change that.

If your phono stage has a true balanced input, like my former BAT VKP10SE, running a balanced cable may help (it did for my former BAT)

Good luck, let us know what you decide to do
Thank you, i posted on the other thread.
May be a silly question, but upgrading only the speaker cable will be sufficient enough to hear a difference or need to change the IC also?
You'll hear the speaker cable to. I think Transparent suggest the source to pre interconnects first, then the speaker cable...then the pre to amp...

I'd try the source interconnect first...
IMHO until you change from cables with "Boxes" on them you will never realize the full potential of your system. These network interfaces as they are called while very articulate and accurate and musical, they STEAL the impact and attack and decay of the live event and rob the life from the system. The difference is like having Boxes (speakers) that play beautiful music, to...Instruments! in your listening room!
Cables are system dependent...I tried Transparent speaker cables in my system and to my ears they are a bad value. I would try to compare several cables prior to moving up the Transparent line.
Hmm...I've had Purist (20th Anniv and Proteus Provectus Praesto) and Cardas (Golden Ref) over the years. All great cables...I feel the Transparent delivers the best impact/attack and decay. Along with the most realistic portrayal of resolution, detail and how it presents everything in space. I'd have to soundly disagree with you re: the "boxes" at least in my system...

I do agree with Ricred1 on system dependent and they are a bit pricey...but I'd add you get what you pay for sometimes...
After trying various ICs, a local dealer loaned me a set of Reference MM2 interconnects in order to try a tubed preamp.

Hated the preamp, but loved the TAs enough to buy a set. They fixed a lot of things wrong.

Worth it? I don't know. I cringed when I saw the bill, but I couldn't deny the level of improvement.
The reference mm2 balance inter. cable was a little disappointing. It was a improvement not as big as the speaker cable was. Had a interconnect cable that was about one fifth the cost and it only slightly better.

68pete, I'm curious - what less expensive IC did you find to be such a close comparison in your system?
I stand firmly in my opinion of cables with network boxes on them :-) They do not allow the impact of the event to come through they replace it with beautifully articulated music no doubt. But, If you want to hear instruments in your listing room you will have to get away from cables with boxes on them. Its a fact, not system dependent!
MIT and TRANSPARENT all try and sell you on these POLES of articulation and how you have to pay more to go up the cable line to get more poles, ITS A BUNCH OF BULL*&&^!! Try some regular cables that are well made and you will agree Boxes on cables are NOT NEEDED! they rob the liveliness out of the music. Im done with this post.
Well, mattmiller, i already own the Transparent line, so your posts dont help much. Yes, i could try another line, but honestly i like these cables. True, there may be better cables and i may try a few prior to upgrading. I have tried Nordost and its a little bright. I still use a Nordost Frey phono cable and its a bit bright. My speakers are on the bright side and i am trying to tone it down. I would like to hear more about the comparison between the Ultra and the reference line.
Mattmiller, Transparent does not have "Poles of articulation". That is unique to MIT. If you talk to MIT folks, their boxes are very different from Transparent boxes.

Like Jfrech, dynamics, impact, attack and decay all IMPROVED when I switched to Transparent REF XL cables.

Cables with boxes can be very good indeed.
Dealer here in seattle stated the Ultra and Reference were kissing cousins and differed by when purchasing Reference you get custom caliberation and spikes on the boxes to keep them off the floor. How important is the custom caliberation or will the Ultras suffice?
The calibration is big deal in Transparent cables. You'll hear lower noise, more resolution, better deeper and tighter bass and a better image. It's not subtle as you move up level to level.
For the price increase, i sure hope so. Thank you. What are they calibrating the cables to?
Tonyptony The IC I used that I felt was not to far below the transparent reference's IC was Time Portal reference xlr. Sorry about the long delay I just came back to the thread. I had a transparent ultra mm1 xlr and the Time Portal cable. The Time Portal cable beat the Transparent Ultra. Trade the ultra up to reference mm2. Use the transparent from disc player to preamp and moved the Time Portal down to the amp- preamp IC. Since the original post the transparent reference IC has opened a little more space between the two. but not enough to balance the cost out.
ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE UPGRADE!! Jfrech is spot on! Do it!! I, too run TA Ref & they are revelatory.

I am a cable/cord guy first and foremost. I concur w/ the above posts, as each time you move up the chain, you will be rewarded! The differences are not subtle. If you do not want to spend the big bucks for these offerings, watch A'gon and eBay for used until your system is complete. Additionally, I like Transparent's trade-up policy, very nice to protect your (future) investment(s). Should you have more specific questions about these cables/cords, contact Transparent and ask for Brad.

One last thought, regarding power cord(s), there is none finer than Stage III Concepts offered by Brian @ Aaudio Imports. You must audition these pc. Happy Listening!

What's been your experience with TA PCs?
Thank you all. I just upgraded my junction box on my VPI from RCA to XLR. Originally had nordost Frey rca, but since the junction bix change i switched to TA music plus IC. The sound got louder, but the clarity decreased. The bass is not as tight as it was with the nordost. On the other hand the sound got warmer and not so crispy and clear. I did not like the nordost sound, but did like tightness of the bass. Guess my stop is to trial nordost vahalla IC versus Transparent Reference. Wish me luck.

I've learned that system synergy is critical in one's system reaching its full potential. And I'm anxious to hear what your findings are. By the way, beautiful system.

I have spent much time w/ the Transparent Reference XL and Opus PC. Both are excellent but will not be for everyone nor every budget. These PC are sonic matches for ARC, Bryston and Wilson Audio electronics/speakers.
The PC I endorse the most would be the Stage III Concepts offered by Brian @ Aaudio Imports. Plays well w/ (no pun) ss and tubed gear. Happy Listening!

Thanks so much for the insight. I'll keep you abreast as I go along.
Please do Saint519-

tell me about the gear in your system...keep me posted and Happy Listening!

Aren't you using Ktema speakers? Am surprised to hear them being described as bright. I auditioned Ktema Accordo's and they were definitely not bright with BSC Class A solid state amps.
Hi Jafant,

My system:
Lamm L2 Ref Preamp
Lamm M1.2 Ref Mono amps
Meitner MA-1 Dac
Meridian Sooloos Ensemble Music Server
Wilson Sasha - Gen I
Transparent Audio Reference XLMM2 ICs - connects the MA-1 & the L2
Transparent Audio Reference ICs - connects the L2 to the M1.2s
Transparent Audio Reference Spkr cable
SRA VR-Series IsoBases under the M1.2s
Mikey, yes i am using Ktema. I believe the brightness roots from the Nordost Frey Phono IC and not so much from the Ktemas. With that said, FS has the typical SF sound. I made the plunge yesterday and ordered Reference SC and three Ultra IC. One IC will be used as XLR phono cable. I had to buy new for IC in order to use the trade up program. I could not justify the cost to purchase three reference IC and i purchased the reference SC at certified pre-own price. Guess i will wait and see.

Mikey, i cannot imagine you passed up on purchasing the FS Ktemas?

The Ktema Accordo's that were for sale were not in such a good condition. I ended up with the Vienna Acoustics Kiss instead.

where are you w/ the cable/cord upgrade? Hope you are enjoying any upgrades. Keep me posted and happy listening!
Just received the Transparent upgrades. Wow!!! Everything got tight and warm. Its not even burned in yet. Went with Reference SC (pre-owned), and three Ultra IC including the XLR phono. $10,000 later. Better be worth it. System just got more expensive. Time to sale the BMW M3 :).

So far, I've received a TA PowerLink Super (MM1) that I'm using with the
MA-1. Made a pretty nice difference over the stock PC. I have a TA
PowerLink Premium (MM2) on order now. I'll order another and place one
each per mono amp, with the ultimate goal to upgrade them to Ref
PLLMM2s over time. I also recently took receipt of a TA PowerIsolator MM.
I plugged the MA-1 and the Sooloos Ensemble into it. WOW! That made
the greatest difference. Subtle details are no longer subtle. They're there in
their proper balance, but they are no longer hidden in the mix. I expect to
order a PowerIsolator 8 and another PowerIsolator MM. The PowerIsolator
MMs will be mated to their very own mono amp, while the PowerIsolator 8
will take care of the remaining equip. I must say, the PowerIsolator trumps
the H_LL outta the Richard Gray Power Company 1200C it replaced.
Many Thanks! for theupdate Saint519-

Are you buying this gear at retail or used / demo?
Keep me posted and happy listening!
Never retail.
Generation 5 cables are ready:)
Generation 5 cables are out:)