transparent cable sound signature

i would like to have opinion about the sound of transparent. what is the strengt and the weakness of sound warm or neutral....

my need is a neutral, dynamic and imaged cable
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Imaging is a strength. Rock recording vocals emanate solidly from a point half-way between my standmount speakers. I can see the vocals with eyes open straight ahead as opposed to closing my eyes and determining their placement. Bjork's Homogenic, first track, snare drum comes nearly out of the floor to the outside right of right speaker. Sound stage on Bowie's Hunky Dory is surprisingly large, I never realized the potential of this redbook CD which I've owned for 20 years until Transparent SCs in my system. I'm not saying other cables can't do this as my listening experience with competing brands is limited. I bought Transparent speaker cables since my local dealer carries them and allowed me to home demo. Before that I bought Transparent balanced ICs through Agon.
I have the Reference digital cable and some Music Link MM2 ICs. Very detailed and transparent, not warm. If your equipment is too bright already they won't help; will reveal any deficiencies in your system. Conversely, will make your sound better if your system is reasonably neutral.
I just added a TA reference speaker cable (I am using one reference IC). To me the two most striking characteristics are (1) articulate and deep bottom end - adding the two cables did more for LF response than my JL 113 subwoofer.
(2) dynamics - piano keys appear to be hit "harder", or guitar strings plucked more aggresively. Makes you listen at lower volume. This is a good thing because the reasone you turn up the volume in the first place was to compensate for a lack of dynamcis.
I use T.A. Ultra speaker cables and have found there best atribute to be bass impact . Also us a M.M. Reference power cord , had a hard time finding a home for it . Ended up with it on the Levinson DAC , I would have to say the power cord was hard to place .
I use the Musicwave Ultra MM2 speaker cables and balanced interconnects (MM1). I find them to help with the soundstaging and lower nose floor.
I use the Musicwave Ultra spesker cables and balanced interconnects. I find them to help with the soundstaging and lower nose floor.
Hello Thenis... To answer your question , I have never felt the Transparent wire is bright . I have used transparent with Mark Levinson , Audio Research and now Ayre , with no sign of brightness at all . I'm not a big fan of there power cords , but I would not call them bright ether .
I also noticed your a new member , welcome to Audiogon !
Using Transparent Ultra MM2 speaker, Single ended IC and Balanced IC. Bass response is what I find the biggest attribute. MM2 has more "open, airy" highs. YMMV.
There is none at the Ultra mm2 level. Extremely flat transmission