Transparent Cable Questions

I am hoping for input from fellow audiogoners with transparent audio experience.Ok here it is,I have balanced super ics and wandering what differences to be expected if I move up to the ultra balanced.I have been told that the biggest diff is in the bass department,but am also curious of the smallest diffs and all between.Dont have a way to audition so any input much appreciated.Thanks
I upgraded from Supers xlr's to Ultra and it was a big difference. I think the Ultra is where their high end line
of cables begin. Better bass, more harmonically correct,
better micro details. After owning many cables Analasys Plus, Harmonic Technologies, Kimber,Straight Wire, Monster,
DH Labs I think that Transparent are the best cables that I have ever heard.
Timperry I am not that good with the audio lingo, but what I heard was just a more natural presentation over the entire range. Very much worth the upgrade from Super for me. You should be able to find a dealer even if it is not local that could send you some to try. That is if you are buying new. If buying used then there is not as much risk on loosing anything. Since you are familiar with how Transparent sounds in your system and like them then I think you will be happy with the results.
I can mirror the first two responses. I feel that Super is a great cable, and mine went to another system, but Ultra was all the super was and more. Depth of stage, improved imaging and much more natural with femanle vocals.

I had Supers and my dealer asked me if I wanted to try the Reference. Big mistake! I had to buy them. You will definitely benefit with each move up in the Transparent line except maybe the new Opus for $20k. I have had my Reference for 7 years and will upgrade to the xl someday. I have listen to other cable, Cardas, Audioquest, XLO and I am convinced the networked cable sound the best. Enjoy.