Transparent Cable - Balanced versus Single Ended..

Anyone out there have any input regarding the following scenario - I am running Transparent ultra MM SE IC between my audio research ls26 and my moon supernova cd player. Additionally, i'm running Tranparent super MM Balanced IC between the same objective is to use the balanced connection for some of the softer, acoustic source material that's well produced and then, for some of the more aggressive, indie type recordings, switching over to the SE ultra....make sense? If you think that pairing the balanced super with the SE ultra is the way to go or should both ICs be ultra??
SE ultra MM isn't exactly going to "mask" alot in the bad recordings. I'd just use UltraMM balanced and get the most out of it.

Waiting on a set of Ultra Balanced MM now. (upgrading from ultra XL balanced)
if your components are truely balanced (not just connectors with the ground to chassis design).. Go Balanced all the way...

No Money: said it right... you can't mask bad recordings..