Transparent Audio Power Cords

What are your thoughts on the Transparent Power Cords? I am particularly interested in the Reference PowerLink (for my amp).
I replaced my older Ref Powerlink with MM. The MM's were superior in every aspect, but most noticeably in refinement and authority. I like the Transparent cords - good inner detail, texture, full bodied images and solid bass. They seem to give incredible space and depth between instruments. Their downside would be that they are not the most detailed nor as open and nimble sounding as some others. Depends on what you're looking for.
I recently auditioned the Transparent PLMM and PLR in my system and frankly wasn't overly impressed. While they are not bad cables, I found that the PLR was outclassed in every facet of performance by the VH Audio Airsine power cord. Even the PLMM was outperformed by the Airsines in every facet except for bass control.
I was also tried the Tranparent MM ac cord while I was shopping for power cord for my system.

After trying several model/brand, I was on the verge of getting some Nordost Valhalla until I tried the LessLoss AC cord.

I was lucky to pick them up for 250$ due to a promotion they had on Audiogon last summer. They now go for 500$. Still a good deal for that price.

Sent an email to the editor of Bound for Sound ( and ask him about the LessLoss AC for an amplifier.

I bought my LessLoss cables before I read the review.
I like the sound of Transparent PLMM PC. However, dont use it on poweramp. I used it on CJ 350 for awhile and it certainly restrict the dynamics of the poweramp with it network box. Replace it with a PLMM without network- a world of a difference in dynamics. Merely my experience. May differ from other users. Happy listening
My experiences don't correspond with yours; I haven't experienced any issue with the PLMM restricting dynamics of my monoblocks. Further, to address the insinuation that it was the "network box" that was limiting dynamics: (1) Transparent doesn't refer to it using such term and (2) using MIT Oracle AC 2 PCs also did not limit dynamics.
Thanks, anyone compared the Transparent PCs to the Shunyatas?
Bar81, "insinuation"? rather strong word to use. As I said its my own experience. I have nothing against Transparent cable. In fact, I like it so much that I m using PLMM on my CJ Act 2.2, Orpheus Zero Transport, Ensemble Fonobrio, PLR on my benchmark dac (when I upgrade the Dac, it will be upgraded to PLMM), Transparent reference digital cable both 75ohm and 110ohm, 2 Transparent Reference interconnect and Transparent Opus MM speaker cable. Neither do I any problem with MIT, when I m using MIT Oracle V 1.1 with interconnect between my phonostage and preamp. Does it look like I have something against Transparent with the stuff I m using from Transparent Audio and MIT? So lighten up. Everybody is entitle to their opinions, without getting work up and we are here to learn from each other
I'm looking for the sizes (awg) of each Transparent cords to apply it on my system appropriately. Please help me finding it.
Also, I'm searching to learn to understand which model is a higher version than the others and which one is the newer /older version? A complete line of (previous)production is what I'm asking. Thankyou all and happy listening.
Note: I have already read the current models from Trans's website.