Transparent Audio Gen4 vs Gen5

I'm looking to buy both IC and speaker cables from TA considering Ultra MM2 and Super Gen5. Anybody compare them?
Transparent has traditionally stated that their new models are 1 1/2 steps above the previous generation, and I agree with this for the XL MM and MM2. Based on that, Super Gen 5 "should be better" than Ultra MM2. Have not tried the Gen 5.
I've directly compared Opus mm2 to Opus Gen 5. Gen 5 is simply better. That said, certified used MM2, at maybe a higher level may serve you very well also.

Ultra MM2 is a VERY nice cable...

These cables make a similar impact as component upgrades..sometimes bigger. Cable detractors won't like this statement...but I've heard it, stand by it, and your mileage may vary...
ps, is't a gen 4, before it was called mm2. before that mm...they have confusing naming at times...your gen 4 vs gen 5 is much cleaner !
Recently I demo TA Ref Gen5 speaker cables with Wilson Sophia 3 / MC2301 at local dealer. They were high Z model, not sure they were full broke-in. Sound was smooth and delicate. When we change to Ultra mm2 first I notice was more air and dynamic improve. Stage became bigger, but focus lost pin-point image. We compensate 3-4dB since Ultra sounded louder on same setting. After some time we hooked Rer again. Smooter sound win me over, but I expected Ref will be better in all areas. Different for sure, which make me think Gen5 is generally warmer and can be combine with Gen4 for good result?
I upgraded from the Reference MM2 to the XL Gen5. The improvement was considerable and worth the cost. Cost being comparable I would lean to the Super Gen5. For the MM2 series I found the Ultra was not a significant improvement over the Super and I had to go up to the Reference level to get a meaningful improvement.
Yes you can combine. Sounds like the Ref Gen 5 wasn't broken in just yet...that air and extension is the last thing to change...good luck to you
Thanks guys. I will check with TA dealer if possible to A/B test Ultra mm2 against new Super.

I would not waste any time choosing between so many models
w/in the Transparent stable. If you want the very best, choose the OPUS cabling. Otherwise, choose the Reference XL
cabling. You will be rewarded. You will not be disappointed.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
It is above my budget. I hope next week I will compare Ultra mm2 vs Super Gen5
I have ultra MM2 and a friend brought over REF MM2 last weekend. Now I'm torn between buying gen5 ultra or looking for used Ref MM2.
Did you found Ref better overall or just different?
REF had much better imaging, and smoother on top. No hash at all.
I just demoed speaker cables Ultra mm2 and Super mm2 on ARC / Wilson (ICs were Ultra mm2 source to pre & Super mm2 pre to amp). Same character, but Ultra mm2 is superior in every way. Super mm2 sound more warmer, but adds gloom. Lower in spectrum same thing; more bass, less definition especially weaker attack. Ultra mm2 has better timing, stage and overall ballance. It's not that Super mm2 is bad especially for half price, but Ultra is clear upgrade.
After speakers cables I tested IC Ultra mm2 vs Super mm2. Almost same result; Ultra mm2 is more precise and punchy.
Anybody has experience with Super Gen5?
I finally bought Ultra mm2 IC & speaker cable since I couldn't compare with Super Geny nor anybody else on this forum...
You did the right thing...I made the mistake of upgrading my Ultra mm2 cables for Gen 5. The Gen 5's were not as open sounding!
Thanks! for sharing- Dave b.
And addresses a great point, newer does not = better, all of the time. Honestly, the older MM1 series of cabling was very good. Once you get into the Ref XL or OPUS level of products, this is as good as it gets, IMO.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Dave I was also surprised, expecting gen5 to be superior in every way....
The MM2 was better:(. I've gone back to MIT for a more realistic portrayal of my music.
So in my experience gen 5 was totally superior vs mm2. Especially in that opens and palpability thing. I wonder if Dave b had a tuning or breakin issue...something seems amiss here.

Dave b, not doubting what you heard...just I had a very different experience.
Could be...I guess I'm just an MIT GUY!! My M1.3 loom just delivers such incredible realism that the Transparent stuff just seemed flat! Results will vary I suppose. Happy listening!
Could be ! and nothing wrong with being a MIT guy !! ford or chevy some like one and some like the other...and my wife would say it's just wire what's wrong with you 2 :-)

I'm very smitten with gen 5...have a full loom now..vs my prior mm2 full loom...
Nice...I always recommend either MIT or Transparent!
Dave b-

I have always wanted to demo MIT. Which models do you suggest that are on par w/ the Transparent wires?

Which Transparent models have you owned? Which MIT models have you owned? Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Upgraded my speakers and went back to Transparent Ultra Gen 5 cables.  Match made in heaven...the MIT cables were covering up the warts of the other speakers.  My Focal Kanta 2 Speakers love the Ultra’s!

Thanks! for the update- dave_b

Happy Listening!

I think getting the right mix of cables for a system takes time and experimentation!  Also, I have made the mistake of not fully breaking in cables, which can confuse things.