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Any thoughts on how Transparent Audio Super MM2 technology speaker cables would fair against Transparent Audio Ultra XL speaker technology? Has anyone compared them?
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Between MM2 and Gen 5, there was supposedly a 1.5 level jump
Do you know anything about from XL to mm2?
I replaced Ultra XL with Super MM2, and found both the speaker cable and the XLR interconnects to be a significant improvement.  For all their upgrades Transparent has said it moves up 1.5 levels, so Super MM (also known as MM1) should even be better than Ultra XL
though I eventually found the Cerious Graphene to sound better than both, and it's less expensive...

Went from Ultra XL to Reference MM2 just below the Reference xl and the jump in sound was very noticeable(speaker cables)
Another +vote for the MM2 line-up.

Happy Listening!
If you like the MM2, try the Gen 5 !!
Anyone heard of Reveal speaker cables? A member inboxed me regarding then and claiming them to be better than TA. I personally never heard of them or the new technology. Any thoughts??
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I thought the Transparent Ultra mm2 were great on everything until I hooked them up to a Pass Labs First watt M-2 amp, the amp is great but is way too dark with Transparent Cable, subtractive, just wrong!
A good non-network cable sounds wonderful on this amp.
I have been using Transparent for some time now. I called Transparent and requested a sincere description of the difference between the performance characteristics of from the previous MM2 gen to the current G5.
I was told that the new generation 5 is a significant improvement over the earlier MM2 generation.  Also, I was told that each level of product of gen 5 performs as well or better than the previous next higher MM2 product level.
I upgraded my cables from MM2 Super to Generation 5 Ultra and indeed, there is a visceral and tangible improvement in harmonic presence and increased detail and texture. Generation 5 has moved my system closer
to audio realism. There is improved enjoyment listening to my system.