I have a pair of Thiel CS6s powered by Classe Mono Blocks.I have been offered a pair if Transparent Musicwave Plus speaker cables.They are an older model but still in the box.I was considering Analysis Oval 9 cables.I would appreciate more knowledge about both products!

the music wave plus will blow the doors off the oval 9's.
The music waves were very thick and slow in my system. The oval 9'w were quite good with very strong bass.
Check out Clear Day Solid Core speaker cables. They are an unqualified bargain
I enjoyed Oval 9's in a system I had once, and I didn't enjoy two different Transparent cables (Music Wave and something else). Systems matter, but I would pick the Oval 9 based on my limited experiences.

That said, I'd look for Cardas, Kimber or Tara in that same price range. Especially if you can get some Tara stuff from the "decade" days at a bargain, it will blow away the mid priced stuff from HT and Transparent.
MIT was at one time the cable of choice with Classe and Thiel. (along with ARC tube pre) I ran an ARC Ref1, Classe CA400, Thiel CS5i set up with MIT 350 Ref and 850 Ref with fantastic results.
You might also want to try the new Synergistic Research Tesla cables in your price range. If you are seeking cables that will create a synergy with your system, and if you want to compare different cables in your system before you buy try The Cable Company- they have a huge cable lending library and can facilitate your listening experiments until you find just the right cables to meet your needs.