Translation help needed for speaker cable with ground wire

Hi everyone. I'm checking out various speaker cables and have a pair of "Litz cable 400 x 0.10 with shield copper".  However, I need help translating the notes that came with the cable. My question is where does the ground spade on each set of cables go? Text reads as follows:

"To the departure to connect the spade to the negative amplifier (black) with out amplifier. To make a lot of attention that the fork not heels the positive amplifier not to damage it. To the arrival in the general loudspeakers, to connect the spade to a grapevine, never the positive or negative. Otherwise you are able not to also connect the spade to the loudspeakers, in this case you must isolate it very well don't risk to touch the positive pole and to damage the amplifier."

Any help?
It basically just says to keep the two conductors separate, so you don't allow them to short.  Basic speaker connection advice.
@erik_squires Right. I'll ask again. One side has the spade grounding cable. Does that go on the speaker or the amp connection?
Actually, I figured it out. Because I thought of speakers I had five binding posts and how that odd number must be for the ground.
How 80's of you.
Love the 80s. Best decade in a while. 
dhields attach at the source