Transition Audio Design modded Altec 1570B

Tom Tutay took the case, iron, and output tubes and created a really georgeous amp. One iteration of the original was used to drive a garbage can sized servo motor--so it can drive your loudspeakers! Two 811 transmitter tubes in PP configuration putting out 170watts. Plates are powered by two EL 34s. In front of that, you will find a 6SN7, and then a 12AT7. Plenty of gain in this amp. I decided to use speakers with about 88db/watt efficiency--could never get horns to image well--and I don't have the space to put them. These amps give me the dynamics that horns/SET amps deliver, but with pinpoint imaging. Tom has made an old icon into a modern marvel
By far my favorite amps. I would listen to the 1570's Tom built in the mid 90's till 2000 when I moved to Georgia. What a joy. I heard them on my Apogee Centaur (8" woofer) once and I'm hoping to have a pair on my bigger Apogee Centaur Majors one day. They are so liquid and effortless it's remarkable. I hope one day you get to hear Tom's system. So if you're ever in the Ft. Walton Beach or Destin Area ( or Pensacoloa area) go by and listen to Tom's system.
Just want to add my own approbation. If you check my threads, you will see that Tom made a custom impedance buffer device that enabled me to drive a low impedance sub woofer off my ARC Ref 5. He does terrific work. A great resource and a gentleman!
That he is!!