Transimpedance phono stage

I need a new phono stage to go with my Gryphon Diablo 300. At first, I was going to buy the phono card for it, but then I got to thinking that an external phono stage will give me a bit more flexibility.

I'm really intrigued by the current mode/transimpendance phono stages, I only use MC, so the limitations are not something that concerns me.

Any one has any experience with Sutherland TZ Vibe? Seems to be a good one to start with (not as expensive as the Loco...)


I just don’t want to leave the impression that the TZ Vibe wasn’t a very good preamp. It’s midrange was extremely clear and there was no harshness whatsoever. It might be perfect in your system. Personally, if I had a Gryphon, I would get the phono card.  Who needs another box and another set of cables?  





You want a phono stage that has the sound quality you are looking for. My preference is for Audio Research (or Conrad Johnson, or VAC), Presto are also well regarded although I believe they are a touch cooler. 

@chayro , you are of corse right… the simple solution would be to get the phono module for the Diablo. Not only simpler, but the fact that I don’t need another set of interconnects and another power cord, makes really attractive also from a cost view