Transforming a UK Rega into a US Rega

My uncle, who lives in the U.K., recently sent me his old Rega Planar 3 as a gift (how nice!). As you know, U.K. current runs at 50 Hz while U.S. current runs at 60 Hz. Is my only option to replace the motor and power supply with U.S. spec units? And where would I find such items? The Rega # listed elsewhere on the Audiogon site is disconected, the Regausa website is under construction,and I can't seem to find an authorized dealer. Thanks for your help.
Hi. Yr rega probably runs @230V / 50 Hz, as per Euro standards. You may be able to get an inexpensive power transformer (110/60 --> 230/50). I have used such an item, the other way round (I live in Europe). This must be frustrating for U -- if U think of a way I could help, don't hesitate.
A transformer can only change voltage, not frequency. If the Rega motor is dependent on line frequency to run at the correct speed, it will run fast in the USA. I have no knowledge of the Rega motors, perhaps someone who has one will know.
Just a follow up for archival purposes. I finally found the one authorized Rega dealer in the US, Lauerman Audio Imports in Knoxville. Phone is 865-521-6464. A replacement motor and regulator for my old Planar 3 is 115$. The upgraded motor and regulator that come with the new P3 (the motor bolts directly to the plinth) is 155$.
Good news, Shersta! Philips here finally came up with a proposal (vari-speed 110/60 motor) priced at the bagatelle of $ +/-250. You're better off with Lauerman, etc., methinks.
Good listening!