transformer or sweet but low cost phono pre amp

i now have a 10 ft run to my LP12/Supex 901/Dynaco Pas4/Mesa Baron/
DQ-10's,- due to floor bounce problem.

tt and preamp are unbalanced.

reccomendations for modestly price transformer? i had a Supex transformer years ago, but they come up infrequently for sale, and command top dollar.

Hearing is not what it used to be, but i can still tell edgy vs tube sound.
looking for new/used budget deal. LP12 is being serviced now.
bob in deep river, CT
You may want to build your own box around a pair of SUT's: less money, more quality. I use Sowter 8055's with the oxygen-free copper option, Vishay VAR resistors, and Eichmann connectors. Sound is good enough for a high end Koetsu.
This kit is a very nice, low cost option:
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