Transformer for VTL 2.5

My VTL 2.5 preamp is currently with my tech, it needs a new transformer. 

VTL will not provide the specs for the transformer, and are forcing me to send them the preamp. 

I was just wondering if anyone happened to have the specs for the transformer 

I had an issue similar to you some years ago, I took the offending transformer to a Transformer Rewinder. They'll strip off the old windings and screen if there is one and rebuild it.

You'll have to do a search for someone in your general area to do this for  you., Regards

I had the laser go out on my Cary cd player a few years ago . They wanted a ton of money to replace the cd drive . I got the drive model number , bought one on ebay and replaced myself . So yes , rewind it and not be held hostage .