Transformer-coupled tube phono pres

There are plenty of full-function pres with output transformers but how about stand-alone tube phonos?
I am not sure I understand your question... I use a EAR 834P tube phono pre with stepup transformers... nice!
I have a Tron Seven Transformer coupled phono stage. It's great.
Lonestarsouth, step-ups for LO MC have nothing to do with a transformer-coupled output.

The reason for the question has to do with a achieving a very low output impedance. With tubed unit, about the only way to do this is with transformers. (Or paralleling tubes ala CJ I guess.)
Not too many out there. Try the Allnic H-3000. It's a beast.
Look up Audio Tekne's top end units...
I think the K&K/Art Audio Vinyl Reference may have a transformer-coupled output.
I believe that some of the Audionote (uk) phono stages are transformer coupled (referred to as balanced output). These are truly cost-is-no-object designs, so there must be something good about using transformers for the output. Audionote uses transformers for the output of their DACs as well.

I suppose the other way to reduce output impedance, aside from CJ's use of parallel output tubes, would be a cathode follower, but, there are enemies of that design choice too.
Paulfolbrecht, there is another way of getting a low output impedance with tubes. called the Circlotron. It is not commonly used in tube preamps, mostly because of patent issues. But a tube preamp using a Circlotron can drive 32 ohm headphones- in effect making a nice headphone/phono integrated. And no transformers.