Transformer configuration in NAF Legend-II

I have a question about a NAF Legend-II integrated amplifier - perhaps, someone is familiar with its design.

When the amp is in operation, its left transformer runs warmer than the right one. The dealer posted this question to the manufacturer but the situation has not been clarified.

Now the dealer tells me that he has a NAF Performance 2A3 integrated amplifier and it has the same problem. He says that the Performance integrated amp has a strange transformer configuration - the left and the middle (nearest to the user) transformers are output transformers, and the right one (which runs colder) is the power transformer. The dealer assumed that the Legend-II amplifier may have the same transformer configuration, hence different temperatures.

I don't know whether this information is true and will appreciate any clarification and explanations. According to the Legend's picture at the NAF web-site, left and right transformers (which should be output transformers)look identical, while the middle transformer should be a power transformer, contrary to what the dealer says.