Transfiguration Temper W vs. V-sound differences ?

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the Transfiguration W with the V with respect to dynamics, top end extension, bottom end weight, transparency and soundstaging perspective (closer or more distant)? If so, what are your impressions ? Thanks very much.
I prefer the low output version. It is more clear, staging is different and in my opinion the dynamic Range is superior.
Thomas, did you actually A-B them in your system, all else being equal? I have the W, and never made a head-to-head comparison, so I was just curious.

There's really no physical difference between the two except the 1:2 ratio of the coil windings.

Thinking about an Orpheus, but gosh, I'm so happy w/ my W . . . . . . . .
Thomas: You indicate the staging is different. How so ? I don't know if you listen primarily to orchestral music, but if you do---or, judging by other types of musical genre you prefer---could you tell me which version seems to do a better job of bringing the performers closer to you or of being able to pick up clearly details (ambience and harmonic cues) coming from instrumentalists in the back row of the orchestra/stage, while preserving a sense of layered depth ? Also, which version seems to offer the most bottom end weight and effortless dynamics ?
Thomas: Please disregard my inexcusable repetitiveness. Hope it's not a sign of early dementia. My only remaining concern is bottom end weight/authority. Thanks.