transfiguration temper v compliance

I have a transfiguration temper v cartrdige that has compliance rated at 15 X 10-6 cm/dyne.

The normal calculation for cartridges is um/mN ie an emt tsd 15 is 15 um/MN.

I am asking this coz I am thinking about stiking my temper v onto my emt 950 - (i was unable to sell my Shelter 501mk2 to fund an emt tsd15) though I have a transfiguration temper boxed up that i just don't want to sell.

help me if you can
If you're trying to figure out whether the effective mass of the tonearm is compatible w/ the cartridge, go to and use their interactive calculator. You type in your cartridge, your arm, and presto!
thanks nsgarch