Transfiguration Proteus: questions and comparisons


I am thinking about upgrading my Phoenix S and the natural choice (considering how much I have enjoyed the Phoenix) would be the Proteus.

However... Even though I usually love Transfiguration’s neutrality, there are times when I wanted a warmer, thicker midrange, with more weight or physical presence (mostly with the vocals) and I’ve been really curious about the Lyra Etna SL considering that all reviews have been praising its warm mid-range.

I know there are other options with glorious mid-range (Koetsu comes to mind), but I’m not willing to trade transient speed (and the Transfiguration has plenty of it) for that. Could the Etna be the best of both worlds?

Thank you!


Dear Nadric,

Thank you for your reply. I’m missing a phono that provides me with Allaert’s high recommended loading, though... Otherwise, I’m really curious about it and also about VDH’s Colibri. I’ve never heard any of those European carts.


Hi Luiz, ''loading'' depends from the adviser. According to my
Basis Exclusive 10 x cart impedance. According to my Klyne
7PX3.5;  47 K while according to J. Carr ''loading'' is an myth.
Allaerts advice is dependant from the phono-pre he uses.
I use Denon AU-S1 with my Klyne because this transformer covers
all impedances from 2 till 40 Ohms and because I own many
MC's with different impedances. My ''story'' is not ''strange'' but
in accordance with our ''basic rule'': ''it depends ....''
No, loading is not a myth.

With high-inductance MMs and MI cartridges, loading is important to equalize the audible part of the cartridge signal.

However, when it comes to low-inductance MC cartridges, loading will not have a direct effect on the audible part of the cartridge signal, but will only affect ultrasonics and the RF region.
For low-inductance MC cartridges, loading is predominately a phono amplifier issue rather than a cartridge issue, but can have an indirect effect on the sound through mechanisms such as intermodulation.
Well the case is that in our forum the strongest argument possible      is  quoting J. Carr. Alas the intended (argument) force will not work if the quote is false or, much less painful, not 100% correct. I ''of course'' meant low inductance MC cartridges because those were      the ''subject'' of this thread (grin). ''We'' the more well-to-do persons don't mess with ''low prised'' but ''high-inductance '' MM's and MI         kinds.