Transfiguration Proteus

Anyone heard or own the new Transfiguration Proteus cart? I've read where it s the replacement for the Orpheus in the new Transfiguration line.
Hi,Have had every Transfiguration the Proteus is by far the best best bass ,soundstage width depth,pinpoint imaging,detail best my far.Love it.
Ebm, that's great to hear. I've currently got a Dynavector XV-1s on a TW 10.5 arm. Don't you have a TW 10.5 arm too? Is the Proteus a good match on that arm? Seriously contemplating adding another arm and cart to mt AC-1. Don't have many mono recordings, so the Proteus intrigues me.
What's the budget for a Proteus? Unable to find anything online.
If anyone wants to sell his or her Orpheus L, in order to purchase Proteus, I am interested.
Hi Guys, Using TW ACUSTIC 10.5 arm cartridge lists around $6K.Mine was set up by Jeff of HIGHWATER SOUND he did a wonderful setup.I am enjoying the best analog sound ever this is a truly amazing cartridge in every way.Turntable TW AC3 with BN 3 motors ,BN feet,BN VTA Armboard,BN battery power supply also using STEALTH v10 amp cord on turntable,SYMPOSIUM HDSE feet under BN power supply with 2,5 balls,tunable on SYMPOSIUM STEALTH custom stand.
If anyone wants to sell his or her Orpheus L, in order to purchase Proteus, I am interested.

They will show up more and more. But the original Designer who made the Orpheus passed away, so no one can rebuild it. All you can do is to send it to an external retipper or to the new Transfiguration cartridge maker. Btw. the Phoenix and the Proteus share common parts and body.
Orpheus was a problem for a lot of dealers based on its very high price compared to the performance with the much cheaper Phoenix...
Syntax, I will put this up against whatever cartridge you have. Isn,t it great to be an audio low life DUDE!!
Ebm, I don't care what you have, I forgot more about high end than you will ever learn.
Based to your limited intelligence let me state that I wrote just an official information about Transfiguration, from a transfiguration Importer.
Syntax,Im sorry your a legend in your own mind.Only you know everything about Audio i m sure your system is the best as well.Your the man maybe.
Can you let us know what cartridges you have compared with Proteus.
I am also looking for best all round cartridge for my Raven AC.
Your descripion would be very helpful.
Dear Lewm: Certainly I would like to hear the Proteus based on what Ebm posted.

I own the Phoenix and heard both Orpheus versions and IMHO the Phoenix is better choice. This is not the first time that a top of the line model is beated for one of its " little " brothers: well with these cartridges that's happening.

Obviously that everything depends on each one music/audio prioriites and performance qualities/characterisitcs of each audio system.

Anyway, Transfiguration is for me a very well regarded cartridge manufacturer in its own virtues. Sad to know that the original designer passed away.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks for your insight, Raul. I have not heard either the Orpheus or the Phoenix, but I know the general feeling is that the Phoenix is very good, too. I acquired my interest from having heard the Temper many years ago, an excellent and very neutral cartridge. I would be interested in a Phoenix, too.
Proteus is better than my Phoenix ,better more detail,macro and micro dynamics,better stage depth ,bass weight,.The same holds true when compared to my Lyra Titan I very very musical as well with great speedl.Still have more break in to do about 30 hrs.
I have an old Temper, the original version of it, and I would guess it probably needs a re-tip in the near future. But I am leery of sending it to Soundsmith due to its unique cantilever setup. Don't know what Transfiguration would charge me to do this, or what they might offer on a trade up for a Phoenix.

What would you do?
Phoenix S is a big step up much better sounding.Go for Phoenix you will be very happy.I had Phoenix but not S which is even better.Enjoy!!
Hard to get idea how Transfiguration compares to other top end cartridges after description you have provided.
It is no surprise that top end model will be best within Transfiguration range.
Titan is known from lack of tonality and shrill sound.
Do you have any comparision to top end Dynavector, Koetsu, Air Tight, Atlas or so?
Thats it for me dude!!
On the original post, i have a Proteus up and running and its a lovely thing for sure. Compared to my old orpheus it adds a whole load more speed, bite, articulation, slam and dynamics. The treble seems more extended, more real with greater air and the leading edge of bass in particular is much better with just better timing and speed all round. The proteus still has the Orpheus's wonderful unforced sense of naturallness and its still a refined and highly musical non-ostentatious sound, but the soft round politeness has gone and you just feel a fair bit closer to the music, the real thing.

I'm late to this discussion.  I picked up a lightly used Proteus and found the active vs transformer opinions aren't so clear cut.

I’ve now had a chance to listen to the Proteus with several configurations. It’s pretty sensitive to the amplification load. My reference is:

Ortofon Anna – Nagra VPS 100 ohm load, XFRMR/TUBE/SS stages


  1. Nagra VPS – 100 ohm load, XFRMR/TUBE/SS stages, 60dB gain – Not a good match. Enough gain but a thick bass quality and lack of dynamics is the overall impression.
  2. Levinson 32 Balanced Phono input – anything greater than 50 ohm load, 60dB gain – Better match. Bass becomes better defined but still lacking in overall dynamics.
  3. Ortofon ST90 balanced transformer 24dB gain (from Japan) into Levinson 32 Balanced Phono input 47K load, 40dB gain – Much better match. Bass tightens up, and lots of dynamics. This translates to about a 187 ohm load as seen by the Proteus.


I’m diggin’ it.


I am digging mine as well, best load for me is 75 ohms with an Allnic H3000, Basis TT and Vector 4 tonearm.

Can get Proteus from England for $4300 or less.  I have had it for about 4 months set up on a VPI Scoutmaster TT  JMW-9 Signature tonearm and Parasound JC3+ preamp.  I go to a lot of live classical music concerts and it's the closest to the real thing I've heard.