Transfiguration Phoenix S or Grado Statement 1?

I have a Well Tempered Amadeus GTA with a Musical Surroundings Phonomena on a headphone set-up using Shanling tube headphone amp and Beyerdynamic Tesla T1s and Audeze LCD2s. Which would you choose?

I listen to everything, but lately mostly classical and Jazz. I do listen to acid Jazz, down-tempo, and classic rock. I prefer a well balanced sound with decent detail (i.e. not too bright), excellent soundstaging, excellent bass, with quick dynamism and rhythmic poise. Tonally just a bit warm of center with color spectrum (timbre).

Wish I could hear them both before choosing but.....

I appreciate your feedback.


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Well, I can't say that I am familiar with your gear, but if I was in this position, I would jump at the Transfiguration Phoenix S.
I have not heard the new S version, but I have heard the Orpheus L and the Phoenix, both are very good cartridges. They won't blow you away with detail, but are very musically honest, somewhat refined. I wish I had the money, I'd grab a Phoenix S in a heartbeat.
Dear Ieimago: I agree with Jmcgrogan2, you can't go wrong with the Phoenix ( I own it. ) that IMHO could beats the Orpheus.

Btw, Jmcgrogan2: ++++ " They won't blow you away with detail, but are very musically honest, somewhat refined. " ++++

I compared my Phoenix to other top LOMC cartridges and I have to say that has not nothing to envy about detail. Of course that that cartridge performance characteristic can be different depending on the cartridge system set up.

I really like the Phoenix.

Regards and enjoy the music,

While I do not own the Transfiguration 'Phoenix' I do own the 'Axia' and I have owned many Grados, so my 2 cents worth is that the Transfiguation is a much superior cartridge, provided that you have sufficient step-up power to handle the low output of the Transfiguration.

The inner detail of the Transfiguration is amazing.

Good Luck

Thank you both for your responsiveness and insight.

I purchased the Phoenix S last night. One was for sale here on AudiogoN. Just before that I had extended an offer to a gentleman located in Greece who had been trying to sell his Grado Statement on eBay for several weeks. I offered him the original auction starting price as opposed to "buy it now" and he refused; wouldn't budge.

So I went for the Phoenix S - what I truly wanted based on all the reviews and feedback - a an exceptional and well balanced cartridge - at the auction starting price for the Grado. Was also considering a Clearaudio Stradivarius or Van Den Hul XGP as well. I will probably buy an Van Den Hul in a year or two.

I'm excited / can't wait.
The Transfigurations have always been one of the more "musical" MC cartridges available. I've got an old Temper and it's just beautiful to listen to. Just foot tapping good, with plenty of detail but none of that over hyped hyper detail that some MC's bring (or leave on) to the table.
I have owned and used the Transfiguration Phoenix S for some 15 months. I do not know the Grado Statement I. Before the Phoenix S, I used the Clearaudio Titanium, which was very dynamic and exciting. A lot of people liked the Clearaudio's detail and dynamics.

The Phoenix S is noticeably an all-around performer and does not stress any particular attribute over the others. It is like the proverbial wallflower at a social event or bar gathering. It does not call attention to itself. However, I believe it requires minute adjustments to your sound system to get it to bring out its natural tone.
I am so happy I purchased this Phoenix S - FANTASTIC!!! It is simply amazing. Thanks for all the feedback.
Congrats!!! I am jealous!!
Enjoy the tunes!