Transfiguration cartridges with JMW 9 Sig.

Has anyone used Transfiguration or Zyx Cartridges with the scoutmaster / JMW 9" Signature Tonearm. I am considering the Transfiguration Phoenix. The Phonostage is a Naim Superline thru' Naim amplification.
I have not heard the exact combinations you are considering, but I don't see any reason why any of them will be problematic.

A friend has a Transfiguration Orpheus feeding a Superline feeding other Naim amplification (I think 252). The combination sounds very good. I am particularly impressed by the Superline phonostage.

I've heard the Phoenix cartridge too, on a Naim ARO arm/Linn LP12 combination. That is a very lively and engaging combination. I like what I've heard from the Phoenix.

I haven't had a serious listening session with the ZYX cartridges, so I don't know how they compare with the Transfiguration cartridges.
The ZYX cartridge can be ordered with additional mass supplied by a silver base which makes it compatible with the JMW-9 arm. Otherwise, the ZYX is much too light for the JMW-9 arm. I've read that some folks are very happy with the result. I use Benz and Dynavector carts, so I have no first-hand experience with the ZYX.

I am awed by the performance of my Scoutmaster with JMW 9-Sig/ZYX Airy 3 SB combo. It does have the added silver base (as noted by the SB in the model). Talk to Mehran at SoraSound for the best advice/price.
Shelter 501 works quite well with the JMW 9 as well on the vpi scount.
I have Phoenix and ZYX Bloom before on Triplanar Mk.7 tonearm. Since the tonearm is likely to work with carts up to 10 gr as someone mentioned both ZYX (should be around 5 gr) and Phoenix are close and should work probably the same way. Better check calculation provided on cartridgedb for compliance, arm mass and cart weight.