Transfi Salvation Turntable opinions

I have the transfi terminator linear arm and love it. It has been on a Michell Gyro SE II for a couple of years. I have been eyeballing Vic's new salvation turntable and was wondering if anyone on agon is using one and their opinion.
Nobody? Wow.
This doesn't look like a new table, more like a refined version of the same one he's had for years. The orig had a slate base (in roughly the same shape) and a Teres rim drive motor.
It looks nice. I've never heard one.
Well it is can read more about that here

I'm surprised that no current owners have commented.
I got this turntable and its a giant killer
Its easy to live with and Vic service is second to none
Sorry I hardly visit the site so had not seen this
Its very different approach to the Ters rim drive and in my view a lot better (yes I have heard the Verus drive and was impressed with it)
I have seen how this TT has developed over the years and I consider it to be one of the finest TT built.It a good bit better than my last TT which was a rim drive superscoutmaster
The table is not for everyone, but simple to set up
Johnnc....have you heard the rim drive with Bearpaws and the Classic Platter??
Johnjc, Can you say more about the ways in which the Salvation is "very different" in its application of rim drive, compared to the Teres motor plus whatever turntable one uses with it? The general principle appears to be identical, just based on visuals. (I don't own either.)
The motor different they both give great sounds nothing wrong with the Verus but the Trans fi motor is not using a lot of electronics to control the speed of the motor.
They are similar principles but different implementation, the TH Whaites rim drive is borrowing a lot of ideas developed from the Salvation
I heard the Verus Rim drive on a early prototype Salvation and the new motor and I would perfer the new motor (but as I said they both performed at a very high level)I also heard the Verus Rim drive on a superscoutmaster but that all
Johnjc, you say "The table is not for everyone" - can you elaborate on what you mean? The Salvation is on my short list for my next turntable, and I'm interested in all the info I can get, including any downsides.

Hi Garybx, I've just bought the Salvation w. Terminator linear tracking arm. It's a match made in Heaven. I've just opened a thread 'Trans Fi Audio direct rim drive turntable' which I hope can answer your qs. The only downsides are that setup is pretty critical. It really benefits from being absolutely level, and the arm, being air bearing is v. fussy wrt unencumbered air supply via the hose from the pump.
Other than that it's all positives. It totally trounces my belt drive of 12 years (Michell Orbe/SME V), with extended articulate bass, clarity of sound due to minimal time smear, clear mids and really ethereal treble.
Sorry for the delay
I guess what I mean is it is not for a novice you need some set up skills but saying that its actually very intuitive to set up just requires a bit of different thinking