Transferring Reel to Reel to CD - sound quality

is it possible to record from R2R to cd (using high end equipment) and achieve a sound on the cd that is identical to the reel and contains the same "magic" present on the tape? i searched the forums and couldn't find an answer. your input will be greatly appreciated.
Not really. I have tried to do so but the limitations of process, even using high quality well maintained tape machines and state of the art ADC's tend to leave a less then quality result. I have tried many different R2R tapes, some original two track masters, and when all is said and done, the tape's analogue sound quality wins the day. If you want to see how professionals did R2R to CD, listen to some of the Mercury Living presence CD's, against their R2R tapes and actual records. I've done this and I think in the end, Fine's best efforts still don't match the R2R tapes. Just enjoy you tapes, analogue rules.
No. CD is limited. You could look into digitizing at 24 bit instead.
No. CD is limited. You could look into digitizing at 24 bit instead.
NEver tried, but an interesting question and an experiment I would enjoy were I properly equipped.

I would expect a truly top notch R2R recording to loose something converted to CD format technically, but not sure how much or how much it would matter. Like most things, end results would likely depend on many factors.

I had a single opportunity to compare a SOTA modern reference R2R recording to other (not the same) recordings on CD on a very SOTA system fully capable of highlighting any differences, and CD was in fact noticeably inferior, as was vinyl.

Just one data point, so not sure exactly what to make of it in general.

I have had very good results recording good quality vinyl to CD FWIW.
Like grinding a steak into burger, then trying to make a steak out of it again.
I think the system used to make comparison will be a major factor in hearing differences. The more full range and resolving the system, the more difference would be noticed I suspect.

First I put my Vinyl on reel, and then transferred that to the computer hard drive; as I'm listening and enjoying the results this instant, I can't say there's much difference, from reel playback. Now we both know how incredible a reel is; consequently I'm not going to split hairs on this.

In addition to that, I first put CD's on reel tape, and down loaded that to hard drive with even more amazing results; the CD's took on an analog quality on par with vinyl records.

Before you do any of this you have to perfect your computer interface, and for vinyl, the biggest difference was a new cartridge; as a matter of fact, I re-recorded all my records after getting a new cartridge, and of course the difference was astounding. My CD's yield the same results I've given you.

Enjoy the music.
CDs on reel. I wonder if print through is adding euphony.
Every medium has its signature, digital has its own, you cannot get rid of it, not with current technology at least.
thank you everyone for taking the time to reply to the thread. i was told there is a recent article in "the absolute sound" magazine that discusses transferring analog to digital. i don't subscribe to the magazine and haven't read it. has anyone read it?