Transducers like ECT from Synergistic Research

Have any one used in audio system ECT from Synergistic Research ?
What about the results? Are they rally good?
^^^ Sez the guy who has tried everything Synergistic Research makes. <Sheesh!>
I am getting a set of ECTs, GCTs and Mig SX footers sent this week.  I already use 32 my system with 10 on the speakers and 22 in the room added to two pair of Hallographs.  I use the recommended set-up for the room but had to make a big change in the 2.0s on the speakers.  With dual 12" woofers and a rear 12" subwoofer, instead of placing them in the middle of the side panel as recommended, they now reside between the two front woofers on the side panel.  Otherwise, pallid thin sound at the middle length of the panel.  David Weintraub recommended experimentation and it worked great.  Also, do not put more white tack on the bottom ONLY and don't let it run over the sides.  Too much white tack results in dulling the HFTs results (vibration).  

I intend to use the ECTs on the top of the power amp trannies and on the two VPI turntable motors.  I intend to use the GCTs at the amp fuse and IEC grounds.  The footers are going under the EAR 890 amp which currently sounds best using it's short rubber feet on a 1 1/4" thick HDF platform (I tried other footers and various Stillpoints as well as granite platform but they all robbed the sound of bass, dynamics and tone-thinned the sound out).  The SXs have two positions, hope one is best.
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