Transcriptor-Skeleton-Turntable-Asking 4 opinions?

I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on it? Is it a good turntable? What do you think they are worth now? I am looking for a nice turntable in the 1k-2k range.
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The Skeleton is a 'show' type TT. That is it is basically for showing off to your friends that you have a really strange TT.
Plenty of better sounding TT out there!
Actually, have to disagree there: the Transcriptors Skeleton is a brilliant belt-drive, and sounds better than it has any right to, even given its striking appearance. But the Vestigal tonearm is ultra low-mass, and consequently needs high compliance cartridges to sound its best. I've found that the Grados work very well on it however, and especially either the vintage 8MX and its cousins, or current Woodies. Needs a bit of work to optimize, you'll likely have to order a new belt, clean the main bearing and re-lube and put a drop of Singer sewing machine oil in the motor to quieten it down and refresh it. Also, make sure all springs and bits are in good shape and present.
Stay away - if you want to show off sure, go ahead. If you want something that sounds good, it would be difficult to spend $1000 and not get something better.