transaction gone bad Any recourse for me? HELP

I recently bought a pair of NHT 2.5i’s from a private sale on the internet. Originally, the seller and I agreed on a price but I stalled for a while. After a week, he emails me to let me know that he’s going to relist his posting for $50 less including shipping. I agreed on the new low price, saved myself $50 and prepaid him. However, this was a hard decision since there was a local guy selling a different kind of speakers (also on my shopping list) for another savings of $50. But, since I’ve been dealing with this person, I thought I’d just buy his speakers. He told me that he didn’t have the original boxes but would use the NHT 2.9 boxes instead and would modify to suit. I specifically told him to make sure they’re padded all around and to insure them for the full amount. He also confirmed that they are in as new condition with all the spikes and manual. When I finally received the speakers, the big box was on its side. I asked the UPS delivery guy which way was up and he didn’t know. He just wanted to deliver the damn, big, and heavy box and leave. Fine. When I opened it, true enough they were sitting on their sides and consequently damaged the tweeters (the plastic “covers” in front of the tweeters were pressed in on one side, pushing in half the outer perimeter of the tweeters). Also, I only received 6 spikes, and one of the grill pegs has been cut off. I emailed the seller right away and he acknowledged the missing peg and spikes and basically told me to just deal with it. When I asked him to claim insurance, he declined since he’s already lowered his price! Is there anything I can do to rectify this problem, any recourse I can take??? I’ve been dealing on the net for a while now and haven’t quite experienced this. HELP!!!
If this guy is such a creep I am suprised that he didn't want to make a claim for the insurance. If I'm not mistaken, the shipper has a right to the claim funds, not the receiver of the package. You can start the process of filing a claim but I've had little luck with a similar situation.
Not much, and I think the smart thing for you to do is go by a bottle or your favorite beverage and start working on making them right. Does not sound as if any real damage was done, the tweeters will pop out with a little coaxing(tape, vacuum, lips, there is a thread here on that, might make you laugh even) and spikes and pegs are fairly cheap. I know your wanting someone to tell you for $5 and an address we will take care of this for you but in the grand scheme of things, this ain't worth continuing your personal aggravation. Be thankful the cabinets aren't dented up, get them ready and listen to the music, that will solve most any problem
I kinda agree with Jvia. Some well chosen feedback for the thoughtless individual; Then put your energies tward getting the speakers to function.Everybody reading this should be aware------ The easiest route to a damage claim;"Not shipped in their proper boxes". This goes for speakers and heavy amps.----Having been a victim of these things in the past.-------BUY LOCAL; see the mds. save the freight charges.
Members Allison2 and Jvia are correct in stating that you don't have much recourse action available without expenditure of tremendous time and hassle as well as perhaps more funds being involved.
It was commendable of you to have chosen to buy a product from another member, whom you'd taken their time to discuss a transaction, the product, and negotiations over price; however, it was despicable of the other member to have sold you a misrepresented product and then to want to be through with you after delivery when there were difficulties that needed to be addressed. I would definitely follow the advice of Avguygeorge and leave appropriate negative feedback.
Some advice I would offer for the future is that you have a phone contact with a prospective seller before purchase, never ship heavy items (lets say over 35lbs) especially speakers and amplifiers through UPS, and never again buy an item that doesn't have original packaging unless the phone conversation above has left you with confidence that an experienced member whom cares greatly for the products safe delivery will insure that excellent alternative packing is obtained.
Now lets see if we can turn your bad experience into a fine sounding pair of speakers for your system. This will be the better place to put money now than expending funds toward endless aggravation. NHT will more than likely sell you some replacement spikes for a moderate cost, you might check to see if they would also sell you some original manufacture replacement boxes at a good price...this would be beneficial to insure safe shipment if you decide to upgrade and want to sell the speakers in the future to someone else. Another option on the spikes might be a verified member Esolar whom has a couple auctions on Audiogon currently for an improved stainless steel spike system. Here is the link below:
You can potentially find a matching grill peg or one that will fit properly from In order to replace this piece the grill cloth will necessarily need to be partially removed an then re-streeched and attached. Since three remaining pegs will hold the grill cover in place this might not be worth pursuing.
If the tweeters cannot be properly reshaped or you believe that the treble response is suffering due to shape anomalies that cannot be corrected by methods mentioned in the thread archives, the link below is to a nice gentlemen that stocks replacement drivers for the NHT speakers. The metal dome tweeter pair for the 2.5i will set you back $130 plus shipping.
I wish you the best in you endeavor.
I'm sorry but I just don't get it. Your refer to "a private sale on the internet". What does that mean? Is it Ebay, Audiogon or some other site? You may have some recourse from those who run the site or is it just some bulletin board kind of thing. Please divulge the address so that we can have a look. Thanks.

I like your suggestion about buying local, but how do you do a search for local equipment? Doesn't this also drastically limit your choices of equipment?

If you can get the seller, who'll we'll refer to as Mr A. Hole for simplicity sake, to sign a waiver and forward the rights to any claim over to you, you can file a claim with UPS. Since you had already paid for the products, he was simply forwardind your property to you. From there, you'll have a LONG up-hill battle with UPS, but you've got nothing to loose other than time with a lot to gain.

I would be nice to Mr Hole and try to con him into helping you as best possible. After that, i would not hesitate to warn others of his less than ethical ways of doing business. Sean

PS... This is why i always drive to pick up speakers.
Did you pay for the speakers using a credit card? If yes, why don't you just call the credit card and dispute the charge.
Never buy speakers without orginal boxes if you cant pick them up. Your clain with ups will be useless if the boxes did not have arrows and were not well marked this end up! The seller who shipped then should have done this!
I am sorry that things turned out the way they did, but perhaps there is a little instant karma going on here. If you agreed on the price, why the "stall".