Trans Fi Terminator T3Pro - which cartridge

I have been using the Terminator T3Pro for about 2 months now and it is fantastic. I am currently using the Soundsmith SMMC-1 cartridge. I was curious what cartridges other Terminator owners have used and your impressions.
I have not met the low- or high-compliance cartridge that I do not like on this arm. However with a high-compliance cartridge precise leveling is necessary to keep the stylus centered and minimize distortion.
Hello Sgunther,
I have been seriously thinking of buying this arm. Can you state what it replaced and how it compares? Also, what turntable are you using it on?
I have also been thinking of the Soundsmith cartridge. How do you like this combination? Are you thinking of trying other cartrdges?
Thanks for the info.
I had my T3Pro on a TW Raven 1 briefly and it's now on a Lenco G99 with granite top plinth. Ultimately it will go on a slate plinthed Lenco with ptp top plate and custom bearing/ heavy platter. Only been a fairly T3 user and i find to be a fantastic arm for the money.
Best sound so far is with a Technics 205Cmk3 MM running silver wire direct to phono preamp and another one that has worked well is Audio Technica AT33ML moving coil. Some day I will take my Ortofon MC A90 off my Phantom II/Micro Seiki RX-5000 and try it on the T3/Lenco.
Jbcello - the transfi replaced a modified Rega 300 (incognito wiring, michell techno weight and VTA adjuster).
I am using the arm on a Michell Gyro SE. I have only tried the Clearaudio Virtuoso MM and the Soundsmith with the arm. Although the virtuso sounded very good i prefer the additional detail provided by the Soundsmith. I recently changed my phono preamp to the Simaudio LP5.3 which can accomodate MC cartridges. I would like to try a Dynavector XX-1 or Ortofon Kontpunkt B. It is a very expensive proposition to experiment with new cartridges and a very risky proposition to buy used so I am trying to figure out what to do next. I have only been back into vinyl for two years so I am no expert but here is my opinion - The Transfi leaves the RB 300 in dust. I think for its price it can compete very successfully with much more expensive pivot arms. The transfi does take some getting used to and fiddling and expermintation to get the most out of it but I find that to be enjoyable. I rarely listen to CD any more.
Hi Sgunther,
I´ve been a very happy owner of the SHURE ULTRA 500 for 23 years, and been running my ORACLE DELPHI MKII.7 since 1996.
Vic the Magician made me a direct rim drive especially for my DELPHI using the SALVATION motor. This works brilliantly because the platter´s edge is very smooth. Vic´s experiments on idler drive over the years convinced me to try it with my TT. And I think we both just knew that it will work out fine... in the end. I´ve said farewell to belt drive, and now my ORACLE is for lifetime. Of course, I´m running the Reso-Mat as well. This combination gives fantastic sound quality with ULTRA. Especially the lack of sibilance on proper recordings is wonderful. On the other hand this combination and especially the Tomahawk wand reveal sibilance very clearly on poorly engineered/cut records. And that´s the wonder of the Tomahawk really, to distinguish good recordings from poor ones. But what else could a magician do than evolve things to the extreme ?
I also run the Audio-Technica AT20SLa utilizing a new original replacement stylus ATN20SS with beryllium cantilever/Shibata stylus. My AT20SS is the same league as the ULTRA except one thing: annoying sibilance is still there regardless higher VTF and lesser VTA.
But I´ve run it only for 35 hours, so hopefully it needs more playing to refine... We will see soon.
My third cart is the ACUTEX LPM315 III STR (long nose) but I have run it for a few hours...
I know this is quite an old thread resurrected but I thought I'd put my 2 cents in. I'm happy with my Sumiko Blackbird feeding a DIY Phonoclone3 phonostage into an all tube system. The arm is mounted on a VPI HW-19. I have a hard time imagining better sound from a recording!