Trans-fi Terminator T3PRO opinions please...

I am starting to think of trying a T3PRO tonearm, and would appreciate comments from you who encountered it. I am really happy with my current analog setup, but have never tried a linear tonearm...some of my concerns are the noise the pump potentially makes - what type of pump do you use in USA (Vic can only supply 220V) and is the tonearm tricky to setup and maintain in 'perfect setup'? Is it very 'tweaky' (I do like tweaking to a certain extent)? Do you think the VTA digital display is worthwhile? Which cable option did you opt for (I am thinking the cart-RCA silver wiring)?

If you own it - which tonearms have you compared it to?

Any special setup/tweak advise with regards to this tonearm?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on T3PRO and have a GREAT one!

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I bought a Starrett 98-8 precision machinist's level for use with the Salvation and T3Pro. It seemed like ridiculous overkill at first, but once I used it, I found it worth every penny (~$130 on Amazon) in setting up the unsuspended Salvation for level. It makes various other levels typically used on tt's seem like toys. Highly recommended.