Tranquility Signature vs. Bryston BDA-1?

Getting very close to buying a USB dac. I think I've pared my choices down to dB Audio's Tranquility Signature or the Bryston BDA-1. I'll be using a Mac Mini as my computer. My music library is almost entirely redbook in AIFF format. I'm looking for natural sound quality from my next dac. Has anyone compared these two dacs?
Paul - the size of the cases are not the same, not at all. There's also a substantial difference in weight.
Ok, Cfluxa, bad assumption on my part.

[Since the T has the JFET output stage (an 'extra', unneeded stage depending on your PoV), the weight could be due to that, in part or whole.]
Cfluxa... no dry mid-range and your toes would be dancin' (not "tappin'") to Tosca's Suzuki album right now if you were listening to the DAC-41 in my system. I'll be receiving a PS modification from Larry Moore this week, and after a good listen I'll upgrade/revise my review of the DAC-41.

:) listening,