Tranport and wire for Bel Canto DAC1

I am seeking recommendations for a transport to drive a Bel Canto DAC1. I would also be curious as to what interconnect people are using to connect their tranports to the DAC1. Are people getting better sound using coax or Tos Link interconnects?

I am currently using the coax digital out from an Arcam Alpha 8. The Bel Canto feeds a Mod Squad (McCormack) Deluxe Line Drive (passive preamp), which feed a McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev B. A Llano Design Trinity 100 hybrid amp is on order. I am still playing with inteconnects and cables. Currently, I am using a Synergistic Research first generation Digital Corridor between the Arcam and the Bel Canto.
I left the speakers out of my system description. They are Wilson Benesch Act Ones.
Toslink should not be in your audio picture. Neither, in my opinion (after using Wadia and Altis Altimate models) should ST-optical. Coax should be on BNC connectors but industry standard has gone to RCA. Some makers try to have a true 75 ohm cable anyway. Stealth Varidig doubtless does this best, and is a great cable in other ways. See it and other Stealth cables at Note their 30-day money-back guarantee. On any Stealth cables, you can hardly go wrong, since you can send them back. But chances are 90 to 1 that you won't want to.
I'm not positive about this, but I think Bel Canto designed their DAC to work best with a toslink cable. You can go to and ask them yourself. I'm sure they could recommend a transport too. I've called them before and they're helpful.
Don't use toslink. I've tried. Don't use a DVD player either. This combination may be a cheep solution but not a good one. I use a pioneer elite for a transport with a Harmonic Tech platinum coax. The best upgrade there is for the BelCanto is a powersnake.
I use the Pioneer 525 DVD player with a DAC1. The data is first downloaded into 16 megabytes of RAM before being output, which effectively reclocks it. This is why BEl Canto recommends a DVD player. I tried the Toslink and coax, and the Toslink was more musical. I know this goes against all our prejudices, but this combination works. I replaced a well-respected CD player with this combo - sold my CD player for $2500+ on Audiogon. The Pioneer/Bel Canto was considerably more musical.