Train "Drops of Jupiter" bad recording?

Gentle Hobbyists,

I wondered if any of you have shared my experience with Trains' "Drops of Jupiter" CD? I love this band. They are my favorite new group in the past few years. However, in my experience, this CD is horrible sounding especially the title cut. I've played it on umpteen different systems and concluded that it is just a poor piece of engineering. Any comments. I don't think it's my equipment but who knows? I would love to see this music re-mastered and released on gold or SACD media. Have any of you seen this group live? Are they still together? I have a VHS of them on their return to San Francisco after their last tour and the "sonics" and the performance are super (as VHS can be anyway). I find their depth of musicianship unbelievable. All of them can play several instruments interchangeably and soulfully. Bottom line, does the CD sound this way in your experience?

It is on SACD from Sony, and the sound is good.
It's better than most pop recordings.

Sorry to be the cockroach in the cottage cheese, but this particular song gets my vote as the most annoying song to plague FM radio in the past five years. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
Get the SACD. It's been out for a while
Have to agree...Train is annoying...almost as much as Counting Crows...which is saying something...SACD or not...Im not buying...