Traffic "The Low Spark..." Re-mastered CD

Just put on a re-mastered CD of Traffic's "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"(2002 Universal-Island Records), and MAN what a great recording! It's amazing this album was originally recorded in 1971 and sounds this good. Track 2, "The Low Spark...",emerges out of an inky sea of blackness. Fantastic dynamics and great soundstage. Winwood sounds like he's singing on a small club stage and I'm in the front row. Anybody discovered any other re-mastered classics worth checking out?
The MoFi John Lennon discs (Imagine and Plastic Ono) are excellent. I was a little skeptical, because they had just been remastered a few years ago, and prior to their recent comeback, I only feel there were a few good-sounding "rock/pop" MoFi discs available (R.E.M.'s "Murmur").
The Lennon discs are fantastic, and sound positively excellent.
The new Fleetwood Mac reissues are excellent. "Rumours" had been in dire need of a remastering job, and Warner did not fail.
The three new Heart reissues are also overdue, and very good-sounding. "Little Queen" is particularly sweet, and it's nice to listen to Heart again, prior to their Ron Nevison-produced, 80s pap.
The Talking Heads box set also greatly improves the sonics over what is currently available in CD form. The difference is appreciably noticeable.
Bob Marley Live at the Roxy is excellent.
The Essential Bob Dylan puts the man right smack in your listening room.
The Police - Ghost in the Machine & Syncronicity = excellent
Santana - Welcome