Trading M&K for B&W???

I have the MK Sound /M&K S150's L/C/R. I was thinking of trying to find a trade for a pair of B&W 805's. Do you guys think this would be a fair trade?

I am looking for a better set of speakers for Tin Pan Alley on SACD.

Right now I only using a Denon HTR and Denon DVD-3910 to power the M&K's. Should I wait and give them a chance on a real amp? I have been around and installed a lot of B&W and I have always really liked the sound of the 805's.

Any thoughts or comments would be great! Thanks
I'm not sure about your HTR, but all B&W take a lot of current.
Thanks, we are possibly looking at a move from Seattle to Florida in the near future. As soon as we know for sure I will be upgrading to a Pioneer Elite HTR for processing. Then I will use the pre outs and will buy a real amp. I may just dust off the old Paradigms in the garage and tinker with a crossover upgrade.