Tradeoffs going to a hybrid from all tubes?

Hybrids seem to make a lot of sense, especially with a limited budget. For much of what I listen to my Totem Forests sound fantastic with the JoLida I have ...just that occasionally, I'd like things louder without cranking the volume knob to 3 o'clock. Am thinking a hybrid might be the way to go. Budget would be in the $1000-$1500 price range; used is OK. JoLida 1501A looking very affordable at <$700 shipped. Thanks in advance for your input and any product suggestions (I did find an earlier thread on recommended hybrids).
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Still hoping for some input on this question...
To me the only real sacrifice may be the last bit of warmth but you will likely gain more than you loose, I like Hybrids myself from my Sonic Frontiers pre to my father Aesthetix Atlas get the best of contorl and the warmth many crave.
Chadnliz - thanks for the input. A blessed and merry Christmas to you and your family.
You too Ghost...all the best!
Hi, i'm not usre if i get it right but if by "hybrid" you mean a tube/ss pre + ss/tube amp, then i can say there seems to be no "trade-off" that i can discern with mine.

I drive my Krell FPB with a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 and i am VERY happy with the combo because this was the only 'team' that drove my Sonus Faber so well, i had to weep (OK, that's too much) :-| but seriously: the SFL-2 is not the "usual" warm tube sound i had experienced before, and i like that. Then the Krell seems to have endless power... i get the tube sweetness and the SS switfness and control.

What more can i ask for?
A KCT or a Hovland HP-100 probably (just to give my SFL-2 a bit of rest; it's my workhorse for many years now) :-):-)

Egay -
Thanks for your input. I was thinking specifically of an integrated hybrid with (as you have in separates) a tube pre and sss amp.
the issue of having to crank it up to get louder isn't a tube versus solid state versus hybrid issue, unless you are using an amplifier that is seriously underpowered.

the issue is sensitivity, or gain. So whatever type of amp you decide to go with read-up on sensitivity/gain before you make a decision.

As far as hybrid amps go, good ones are a nice compromise between tubes and SS.

Personally, I've found Totems sound better with amps (whether it's tube/SS/hybrid) that have a low damping factor. This really lets Totems open-up and sound much, much bigger.
Mallarducks - thanks for the input. Would you mind explaining a couple of things?
1) Does gain = sensitivity and what does this reflect? Is this db vs output voltage??? and is it manifested as the change in sound level produced by a given change in volume control setting???

2) I don't have a clue about "damping factor"

Thanks for taking the time to reply.