Tradenable or I-escrow

What is the best way to buy from another individual? It looks like tradenable, iescrow, may be the safeest for the buyer and the seller. Looking for opinions and your experiences
Stingray- I have used iescrow once for a transaction at the sellers request. Worked like a charm and provides protection for both parties. I'm not familiar with tradenable. BTW, I have completed about 20 purchases here in the last year, all have been trouble free. However, with larger purchases, I would phone and talk, if they won't use escrow service or ship COD, then I would be careful.
Thank you. You have affirmed my basic thoughts. By the way i=escrow is now tradeable. My basic concern has been that they slow down your transaction and are making extra money on the side. It seems isf you wire them money they charge 2.0%. If you use your credit card it is 4%. I knoow that trust is part of internet sales but I feel that if you are not dealing with a friend or know reutable dealer you could get hosed.
I was also wondering, I think I should insure shipping at retail eplacement cost. This would protect the buyer and the seller if the product is damaged in shipping. Your thoughts.
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I have used I-escrow with great results. The money is worth it for large transactions from sellers you don't know.
My one experience with iescrow did not result in any delay on my end as a buyer. I think I got it quicker since I didn't have to wait to go to bank and P.O. to send $ and then wait for P.O. to get it to seller (although some of the great folks here in Agonland realize that buyer is making same leap of faith as seller, and have shipped on my word that $ is in mail). Anyway, I guess there may be some delay to get $ to seller, but if you use a credit card then seller gets notice of funds in escrow immediately. I'm not sure of the terms of collection on shipping insurance. Seems likely that they would want to pay you blue book value unless you have a very recent receipt, but I could be wrong about that. My guess is each insurer/shipper has their own policy. Anyone out there know?