Trade or not...

My Arcam AVP700 suddenly started turning off by itself. The dealer (that I returned to for repair) has a (original) Proceed AVP that matches my Proceed Amp 5. I borrowed it and love the sound. But it's old. That's why I bought the Arcam instead. Now I am reconsidering. Any help?

I have both the AVP and the AVP2. I'd ask to return the Arcam for a refund and get an AVP2 used as it has PLII, DTS-ES. That being said, the AVP is still a good sounding unit and if you want to save money, you can ask for the AVP the dealer has and some money back. The AVP should only be 1/2 the cost of the Arcam unit.
make sure the Proceed can still be repaired if it breaks. Ask your dealer where you can get it repaired if need be.
Thanks, I forgot to mention this PAV is a Demo, as was the Amp 5 (dealer hung on to them too long, I guess) Don't know if he's going to be handing me any cash back.

I know the value of this PAV, convincing this dealer is the problem.
The PAV and AVP are different items. I spoke with Mark Levinson/Proceed recently and they said they can still repair and AVP and/or update it. The maximum price for any job is $850; this would include replacing every part if necessary.
ALL Proceed products can be serviced, That said don't look forward to any software upgrades.
I have the PAV/PDSD combo and like it. I recently bought a Krell preamp and will be comparing the 2 for 2 channel sound.
Give the Arcam a try. It is one of the best sounding pre/pros for the money. I can understand your frustration though.