Tracks worth for a 1 Million system


What people would play on an ultra high end systems?
Which tracks really justify to be played on such iconic concepts?

I could imagine piano concerts as one. 

Which track would you play if you had a "one opportunity" to make these myths (i.e. ultra high end speakers) come alive. 

There is no best here, there is no one to rule them all. Such music could come from a very rare genre or instrument. 
"... regardless of speaker/system/cable/room/region matching.." 

Let us hear what the world says. 
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Money money money by ABBA
Anything ever written by Bach would be  fine .
Every million dollar system I ever heard sucked. I'm out.
My favorite recordings sound as good on a sh***y car radio as they do anywhere else. 

It ain't the clubs, laddie...
Love Supreme.   Coltrane.  
Trombone Shorty - Any cut from Parking Lot Symphony

Ludovico Einaudi: Potrait
Violinist Angele Dubeau
Unfortunately, Holt's law states that the better the music, the worse the recording, and visa versa. You have to consider good sound a pleasant surprise and bonus, not your main criteria.
The same music you use to audition any other piece of equipment. See my previous post on auditioning a $0.5 million system using regular Redbook CD:

Unfortunately, Holt’s law states that the better the music, the worse the recording, and visa versa. You have to consider good sound a pleasant surprise and bonus, not your main criteria.

Also consider Shannon’s Law, the more expensive a system is the higher the probability that it will sound bad. That’s Del Shannon, not the other one.
Such negativity! There is a lot of great music. My off the top suggestion are "Famous Blue Rain Coat" By Warnes and maybe "Dorina" by Dada. And if you haven't hard it try the Dada track. Very nice recording ...
Whatever it is, it would have NOTHING to do with sound quality and EVERYTHING to do with musical quality 
@scott916sps - the dada album "Puzzle" is one of my favorites from the '90's. I like all of the songs and the sound quality is excellent. I used Dorina as an audition track many times over the years. Good call on dada.......

Wonderful selections. I listened to a sampling of all three. Do you have any other suggestions?

Alvin and the Chipmunks

It don't get any better than that!!!

Connie Evingson - Gypsy in my Soul

Hallie Loren - Yuuuuge fan. Recordings are simpler but well done, don’t expect wall of sound. Live at Cotton Club

Annie Lennox - Nostalgia - Especially "I put a spell on you"

Lynne Arriale Live

Jenna Mammina - Close Your Eyes (DSD) - Voice has an honesty unlike any other. I sometimes feel ashamed to listen to such a private event as this album.

Glad you l liked them, powermd!
Rickie Lee Jones - Pirates

Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily

Cowboy Junkies - all their work really; but my fav is Lay It Down

Neil Young's Greatest Hits - DVD-A

+1 on Annie Lennox and add Bare

Isis (girl rock/fusion band from the 70s) - self tittled

Love - Forever Changes

I will check out all of these albums. I've liked good music for a long time now but only recently made hifi more of a hobby since a friend introduced me to Tidal- and the vast array of high quality music instantly available. I recently ordered some upgrades to my home setup and am greatly looking forward to listening to these tracks as I break it in. 
Do you guys have any recommendations for great classical guitar? Ideally a recording that really brings out the instrument. Many of the "classics" I've listened to sound too much like they were recording the venue as much as the artist. 
@powermd not sure if you have had any recommendations yet but here are a few from my collection that should fit your needs

any of the Paul Galbraith Bach recordings, for example the Lute Suites on Delos. This should give you a nice sense of his style

LA Guitar Quartet "Dances from Renaissance to Nutcracker" also on Delos

and on Al Segno the Trio De Cologne "La Belle Excentrique", a little harder to sourcebut extracts here


Thank you for the suggestions. I look forward to testing them out.

My new speakers and amp arrived courtesy of an Audiogon seller- Dynaudio contour 3.4s and an ATI 3000 amp. The speakers need breaking in but so far I'm impressed. 
Ennio Morricone by yoyoma.
Modern guitar recordings are compressed to death.  Try the old Voxbox of Manuel Barrueco--it's called something like 300 (400?) years of Guitar.  This recording of his Ruck actually sounds like a guitar, and the playing is fantastic.  Check out the Albeniz and Granados selections especially.
The last time I put together a system from scratch I found classical guitar to be surprisingly easy to reproduce compared to voice, string quartet, full orchestra, etc.  So it would not be my first choice for a million-dollar system, FWIW.