Tracking Force for MA 3002 Cartridge?

I have an old but hardly used Micro Acoustics 3002 MM cartridge from the early '80s. Does anyone know the stylus force (weight) as recommended by the manufacturer? Presently it's tracking pretty well at about 1.75 grams, but I'm thinking that I may need to go a bit heavier. Unfortunately I no longer have the instructions and I believe MA is no longer in business. Thank you for any info. :)
I sold them in the early 80's and late 70's and 2 grams is recommended if my memory is not failing
Thank you Underwoodwally, that sounds about right. I'm going to add a bit more force and see how it sounds. :)
That little bit of extra VTF really firmed things up. I can't believe how great this thing sounds on an old JVC direct drive TT with a Grace unipivot arm driving Magnepan 1.4s via Monarchy SE-160 hybrid monoblocks. Thanks again!