Tracking Force for AKG P8ES

Would anyone be kind enough to tell me the specifiction of the AKG P8ES cartridge, especially its tracking force? Is its stylus of the elliptical type?
I had one 20 years ago. If my memory serves, I think I set it at between 1.1g and 1.2g. But if you have one that old, its suspension must have changed and I am not sure if that VTF still work.
Thank you very much for your information. Yes, you are quite right that it is an used cartridge that goes with its original turntable manufactured about 18 years ago. I bought this turntable as my first step extending from the world of digital to analog. Would you mind elaborating a little further what is the change of the suspension and VTF(vertical tracking force?) in your response? By the way, was AKG P8ES a great cartridge at that time?
I consider it one of the best MM at that time and it was my favorite. It was very smooth sounding with a sweet and detailed mid-range, great for classical and jazz. I can’t say for sure how an 18 year old AKG will sound because I don’t have it any more. But after so many years, no matter how well it has been cared for, the suspension will be stiffening and will affect its tracking ability. That means you will need to increase VTF a bit to compensate. I remember the P8ES has a wide recommended VTF range and I think 1.2g is already at or near the max (I don’t recall what the min was but it was well below 1g). So why don’t you start with 1.2g and see how it works.
I have a AKG P8ES cartridge about 15 years before and seldem use,but unfortunately one channel of which was open circuit and left only one chanel sounds, I love the sound quality of this unit very much, and I have bought two extra
stylus for spare at that time, since my AKG P8ES cannot work normal, and the three pieces of stylus are for sale,
do you have interest for these stylus? kindly reply!

Yours Tyrone