Track gaps in SACD playback?

I have a question regarding SACD playback with live discs.....I recently purchased a universal disc player and am using it in 2 channel mode for SACDs. On a couple of discs (Roger Waters The Wall Live for example) there is a slight gap between tracks (like a track break). Does anyone out there know if this is normal, or is there some problem with something? Thanks!
I had this issue with SACD playback on an early Shanling player. It required a replacement chip to solve the problem, and subsequent versions had the fix. In fact, I believe I was the first Shanling owner to bring the issue to the attention of the primary dealer at the time.

Gaps between tracks on SACD is not normal or correct.
I am afraid you have too much time on your hands!
my bad... I thought you were referring to the SACD discs themselves, not actual playback! my apologies.
It's definately a playback issue, I'm just wondering if I'm going to have to call the manufacturer (Parasound) to get a definitive answer....I would hate to have a defective player even if the sound is fantastic!
If you have gaps between "chapters" on a classical SACD, then this is evidence of a chip flaw, IMO.

Live recordings and classical recordings expose the gap flaw as will something like "Dark Side of the Moon" that has tracks that are mastered to flow from one to the next without silence between them.

It's no fun to have a player with a problem, but neither is listening to music with silent gaps where there shouldn't be any.