TP-Link MC200CM replacement PSU


I'm looking for some electrical advice around replacing the stock PSUs on my pair of TP-Link MC200CM for lower noise units.

The stock PSUs are rated at 9v @0.6amp; I was looking at the ifi ipower2 9v version @2amp - would this be compatible? Apologies, this is probably a seemingly stupid question, but I am pretty clueless with side of things 🥴

Thanks very much 👍


Those will work. Voltage needs to match, power supply only has to minimally match amperage needs of equipment its powering. Max amps TPLinks require is 0.6a, those ps deliver up to 2amp, means they have amps in reserve, this is good thing. I always purchase lps that supply more amps than equipment it powers requires. LPS will run cooler as its not working as hard when not working to it's full capacity.

I run 45 feet of fiber and used TP-Link MC200CM converters, although I had to switch to the MC100 converters so the fiber would work with the ENO filter I recently added.  All of those use 9V PSs.  The converter near my router is powered by the same type of ifi PS you mention, and the converter located at the end, near my system, is powered by an HD PLEX adjustable voltage PS - overkill but I happened to have it at my system and it is also powering my Bonn N8 switch.  Can't guarantee I hear differences or improvements but using the better PSs certainly sounds at least as good and helps me maintain my audiophile credentials.