Townshend Sink or something else?

Hi all,

When it comes to an isolation device for turntables..and cd players, is the Townshend Sink the way to go...or is there something better?

Critical Mass Audio
2nd vote for a Vibraplane....nothing even comes close!
Vibraplane or a similar air isolation device. Look on ebay under "vibration isolation"... I got mine for $300 (plus $125 shipping). Also picked up a new-ish Newport for $200.
Thanks to all for their input!
I have a Townshed CD Siesmic Sink under my Tube preamp and it took it to a whole new level of improved performance! It was very well worth the $95 I paid for it!

Dear Whatjd:, or if you can find ( second hand )it: Audio technica AT 616.

Regards and enjoy the music.