Townshend Rock Mk III table upgrade

I currently own a Townshend Rock Mk III turntable with the modified Rega RB300 tonearm. I am looking to possibly upgrade the turntable. However, I do not know how this particular turntable compares to other turntables sonically. I was looking at a VPI Classic but do not know if that would be a sonic upgrade or not. For those folks familiar with the Townshend table with Rega arm, I would appreciate your assessment of the sonics of this table compared to other tables and what would be an upgrade for me. Thanks
You can spend up to 5k or more and go backwards. Nice table.
I have owned the Townshend Rock Mk3 since 1997. Last year I purchased a Kuzma Stabi S / Stogi S setup. That was really nice too, but the long and short of it is that the Rock is still here and the Kuzma is sold.

Apart from this, I have not compared anything directly to it in my system. Overall, I am very pleased with its performance, so I have no nagging feelings to change it. I have heard so called "superior" TT setups in other systems that don't sound as good as my Rock, but the other gear may also be coming into play.

Instead of changing the table, maybe think about a different arm? I use a Kuzma Stogi Reference and it is spectacular. Many will say that this arm is overkill on the Rock, and maybe it is. All I know is that the performance is excellent. Before the Kuzma, I used an SME V. I prefer the Kuzma. I like it so much that when I do "upgrade" it will be the table and not the arm. With arms of this quality I don't use the Rock's dampening trough, as things sound great without it.

Unfortunately, I can't comment specifically on how these arms improved on the Rega RB300. I switched it out very early on for a Graham and my time with the Rega was just too brief and it was too long ago.

Keep your eyes open for a used Stogi (not reference). The brand has low name recognition here in the states, so they are very reasonable. I see them occasionally pop up in the $500 to $700 range.

I would also consider one of the Origin Live arms.

Changing the arm will cost you a few hundred. You might be surprised by the jump in performance.
Update: I have recently started using the Rock's silicon dampening trough again. Despite the very high quality of the Kuzma Stogi Ref arm, the improvement is NOT subtle. So my earlier assertion is erroneous. Sorry 'bout that.
I just purchased a Rock 3 with the Rega 300 arm. The arm seems obviously modified. Also, there is a verticle dial looking thing to the left of the tonearm pivot base. does anyone know what this is for? Anyone have a manual for this table.
Initial impressions are that this table is extremely well built, solid, quiet and smooth. The sound is very uniform, without any quirks or peaks in the response. I guess the comparison to a master tape is well taken.
I believe that is the VTA adjustment lock/release. If you loosen the dial you can move the tonearm base up and down for proper VTA adjustment. It's somewhat cumbersome to use but it does allow you to adjust arm height for different cartridges.
And I assume the little stub thing sticking out the back top of the plinth is an air valve to fill the seismic air bladders. Do you know how to fill those. A regular bicycle pump doesnt work. Also, the flashing light on the front, is that to tell you the bladder needs filling like some of the seismic sinks?
Yes, a flashing red light indicates a need for air. A bicycle pump should work fine but you will need one that has a fitting for a "presta" type valve. You can probably get an adapter at a bicycle shop that will convert the "presta" type valve on the turntable to a standard one that will work with your pump.
I have a pump with a presta female end, but on the table, I dont see that little piece that comes up out of the threaded tube on a presta valve. The one you unscrew to fill and tighten after your done. Is there supposed to be one?
After further research, it seems that the valve is a Woods valve, designed by Dunlop, which was mounted to the tire of choice for road bicycles in the 60s. It can be inflated with a presta type pump fitting, but it works differently. Figures the English would use some obscure part because they feel it is superior to some newer product. Kind of quaint.