Townshend Rock III audition

So I finally got the Townshend Rock III with Excalibur arm and Monster Alpha One cartridge with a new Soundsmith ruby stylus rebuild. Once I got it set up, I put on the first album, a brand new copy of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers "In my Prime" Volume One. Have never heard this album, so its not something I was familiar with. Just put in on to see if my set up was close.

Side B, Track 1 "To See her Face". At the beginning there is a bass being plucked. I was caught up in how I could easily hear the vibration of the body of the bass seperate from the plucking of the strings. It was not subtle, and my wife heard it immediately too. I wasnt listening critically. In fact, I was reviewing my stock market portfolio so I was clearly not focused on the music.

So, I guess the reviews about the front cartridge damping are true. It truly is a different sound, almost like CD without the garbage.

Ill report back after more listening

It looks like you've had quite a few turntables and arms to play with so your observations should carry more weight.

I too had a Townshend MK-III Rock and also thought the front headshell damping was superior. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. You're killing vibrations right at the headshell and additionally you're providing a very stable platform for the cartridge... so that the stylus, cantilever and motor assembly can work to their best potential (rather than losing energy by dragging the arm where the cantilever wants to go).

I like my Michell TT's, but maybe I'll try to pick up another Townshend sometime.

Happy Listening!
Yeah, I'm pretty surprised at the effect. I am putting together a DIY table with some ideas I have, and I definitely think this damping system will be included. I wish Townshend sold them as a retrofit for other tables.